Summary: Giving practical building blocks for creating and maintaining a powerful marriage.

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Power House Marriages

"5 building blocks"

 In these end times, family values have come under great attack.

 Marriages have become a disposable item.

 The commitment is gone.

 God’s word has not changed.

 We can have great marriages

 We can have Power-House Marriages.

 We need only believe and act on in faith, what God’s word says about our marriages.

5 vital "building blocks" to a power-house marriage

1. Covenant

 This is the foundation

 Today it is difficult to understand the true weight of covenant agreement.

 Contract - limited liability, limited commitment

 Covenant - unlimited liability, unlimited commitment

 Covenant means:

 The strongest commitment.

 Loyalty unto death.

 The end of independent living.

 Individual desires are no longer the priority.

Marriage is a covenant

Mal 2:14 Yet ye say, Wherefore? Because the LORD hath been witness between thee and the wife of thy youth, against whom thou hast dealt treacherously: yet is she thy companion, and the wife of thy covenant.

 The Lord calls marriage a covenant.

 He also says that He is a witness to our keeping of the covenant.

 He is also a witness to any violation of that covenant.

First- "She is thy wife"

 Bone of thy bone and flesh of thy flesh

 She is the nearest to you of all the relations

 The one you cleave to and leave everyone else.

Secondly - "She is the wife of thy youth"

 The person who made your heart pitter-patter

 She was the first choice.

 The one you have lived this long life with.

 The freshness of that relationship should not turn to bittnerness.

Thirdly, "She is thy companion"

 She has long been an equal sharer with you

 in your cares, griefs, and joys.

 A spouse is not to be looked upon as a servant, but as a companion.

 One with whom we should freely converse and take sweet counsel, as with a friend

 One whose company we should take delight in more than in any other’s

Fourthly, "She is the wife of thy covenant"

 to whom you are firmly bound

 That, while she continues faithful, you cannot be loosed from her

 A covenant is for life.

 There is an oath of God between you.

 This is not a trifle thing, this is the most serious commitment.

 Married people should often call to mind their marriage-vows, and review them with all seriousness

 We must bear in mind the promises made on that day.

 In Covenant relationship, all goods are held in common.

 God expects us to honor covenants even if they were not of His choosing (Israel and the Gibeonites)

2. Edification

 Of all people to edify, your spouse should be first.

 Even joking around is harmful.

 We must continually build up on another.

Eph 4:29-32

 This passage is speaking of our interaction with all people.

 How much more should this apply to the one you are in covenant with.

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