Summary: We are in the presence of God because of Grace, Mephibosheth is the perfect example in the OT in demonstrating the grace.

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2 Sam 9:1-13 LoDebar to City of David

“is there anyone still left of the house of Soul”

Mephibosheth – 17 year old when he came to David

Meaning – destroying the shame

1. He lives in LoDebar ( without pasture)

In the house of Mechir – meaning “Sold”

Also he was crippled in both feet – not just one foot.

His place does not give any hope for him.

The people who live with him are not giving any hope.

People are back stabbers.

The minute they get will use to sell them out.

Sold out to the Devil the dreams.

2.He became crippled

He did not born this way – life brought him many tragedies.

His nurse’s carelessness caused this crippled situation.


May be some one caused you to become crippled.

May be some one is the reason for your failure

Blaming on some one and finding reason for not doing anything means stay where he is and die there.

3. Your carelessness may be the reason for many to become crippled in their life. Nurse dropped this Mephibosheth and he became crippled.

You think you can play with some one’s future.

He became handicapped because some one else’s negligence.

The thing you should do and you didn’t you cause some one’s life being crippled.

The choice you made crippled some one

Because you did not have good stand you drop some one and made them crippled.

Because you were not careful in your decision and some one still suffering.

One nurses carelessness change one’s destiny and meaning of life.

4.His physical condition never allows him to see the King or the city of David.

King had ordered that no crippled allow coming to the city of David.

God commanded that no crippled would enter in to the city of God.

Some people are still trying to enter in to the kingdom of God with their own ability.

Adam why are you hiding

5. He knew some one name ZIBA- means strength.

Devil I may be weak

Satan, you made me handicapped

I know that here is no way out in this situation with my own ability.

You said I would never enter to the city of David

You said I would never enter to see the King

You said I would never inherit what belong to me

You said I would never inherit my birthright.

You said I would never prosper.

You said your fasting is in vein

You said your life is ended

You said your dream in only in this closed room

You said your destiny is a dead end

You are crippled – you are crippled – crippled –Every day devil said that.


Devil hear me –

I do not knew the theology, I do not know the details, I do not the Hebrew, I do not the Greek, I do not know how to pray, I do not no the motion and style of religious worship, I do not the how to be cute and look good, I do not know to put a fake smile or a religious display, my dreams are shattered, I am broken.


Do you know some one who got strength?

Do you know a lawyer?

Do you know an advocate?

Do you know a wrestler?

Do you know some one got connections

Do you know some one who know the hot line number

Mephibosheth was crippled but know some one whom got the strength.

HOLY SPIRIT. - Is my strength, give you strength He will give you life,

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