Summary: A man who kneel will stand before king.

1 king 17:1 we read about the Elijah as `Èlijah the Tishbite` a inhabitant of Gilead.

All previous 16 chapters we read about great kings and their victories over the other nations failure to stand before God and get defeated by enemies.And there suddenly appears a story of simple man or common man who has no chronological record.We donot know who is hisfather was, which family,tribe,education background,political influence or ethinic background as all these are very important in Jewish history.But nothing mentioned about Elijah!.When people wrote about Jesus, we know his chrinology from Adam.We know about the father of Moses,

Joshua,Elisha,Samuel,David,King Saul but nothing about Elijah.What makes him So Great!

James5:17 Elijah was same like as our passions.But he prayed earnestly.That is the difference.He prayed to God Lord whole country is after the heathen worship.But I know you are the only God.Stop the rain untill I will say .God heard is prayer.He told him to stand before King Ahab and say untill Elijah mentions there will be no rain.That is why The Elijah is so important

become the greatest prophet in the history of Bible.With little background he could stand before King. If you can kneel you can stand before king.

Moses who become the son of Pharoa.become the prince of Egypt.As he grew up as a prince he noticed he is not a Egyptian but Israelite.First he saw Egyptian beating Israelite.Moses got angry.Hit the Egyptian and killed him to help Israelite who his own people,Next day he saw there is fight between Israelites.He asked them why you guys are fighting as they are brothers.They asked who made you our ruler ,Do you want me kill me also.But Moses soon understood by

helping his own people caught in the wrath of pharoa.He was called as Murderer!!

40 years passed by prince become the shepherd at mount sinai. He was called by God.He led the his people from Egypt.God called to come on the mount Sinai to reveal his Glory.Next 40 days he spent in prayer and fasting.We read about moses in Deu 33:1.Moses`the man of God`.

How can a man who called as murderer in Ex 2 is called as `Man of God``now.It is beacause of his constant walk with God which comes from the constant communication with God as we call it as `prayer`.

When we read about Jesus.Even though he was Son of God,who could preach to thousands,did mighty miracles and who teach all people for days.His central power of his source was prayer.His deciple didn`t ask him to teach us how to preach,or secret of his miracle or way to teach others But humbly asked him `Lord teach us to pray`.

Prayer is not option but a must any christian life.What ever may be your situation.May be your jobless,failed in your business or marriage or education or health.What ever may if your can kneel before Jesus.He will lift you and make you stand before King.

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