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Summary: A sermon on working relationships and the benefits of leading from above and below based on the story of Elijah and Elisha.

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ƒ{ As we continue in our series, I would be remiss if I didn't suggest

o That the #1 key to survival is investing in relationships

o Everybody's going to need somebody sometime

o If you're a self-made man, you haven't made much

o Lean on me when you're not strong.

ƒ{ I want to look beyond friendship and consider

o Power Relationships

ƒ{ It may be hard for our western culture to grasp this.

ƒ{ But it will help you become a survivor.

ƒ{ Because many of the things God does in our lives he does through people

EXAMPLE: Nobody has ever gotten a check sign by Jehovah Jirah

God uses people and relationships

ƒ{ Sometimes Spirit filled people

o Get so focused on God that we forget people

ƒ{ You can't disrespect people

o And get where you are going

ƒ{ Many are hindered in God's plan for them

o Because you kill God's messenger

„X Or people He wants to use to get there

ƒ{ I want you to understand a spiritual law of power partnerships

ƒ{ One of the things that's keeping you down

o Is you're not connected to the right partnerships.

Here are some power partnership principles you need to be a survivor:

1. All Good Things Flow From Relationship

* When God found you...he found you alone

* When He saved you...he saved you alone

* But He called you into the family of God

* 2 are better than 1

2. A Power Partnership is God's Blessing for Transition

* There are some transitions you will never make without someone's help

* I know you are talented, smart, etc

„X 1 set 1000 to flight

„X 2 send the legions fleeing

A. David

o Has to make a transition from shepherd boy to King

o So God brings a power partnership

„X Not a brother

„X Not a peer

o But someone who is higher

o A Samuel -- has already anointed a king

o If you keep hanging out with

„X Broke

„X Negative

„X Average

„X Lukewarm

* People

o Ask yourself; "Where are they taking me?"

o It's no problem having them as friends


o When David failed...

o Another prophet, named Nathan, came in and helped him through repentance

o Jonathan -- transition out from Saul's table.

o Someone is always there to help David at the next level of transition.

B. Joseph

o Baker and the Butler

C. Paul (Paul's Conversion)

o A street called straight

o There was Ananias to help him get the scales off his eyes

o Barnabus became the bridge that got him into the church

o To begin to preach the gospel

D. Ruth

o Naomi

o Enabled her -- I will not go back!

E. Abraham

o Melchizedek

o Melchizedek blessed him

„X Before Abraham went to the next level

3. Dormant Potential can be Unlocked by the Right Relationship

* Somebody else has already been on the level that you are trying to go to.

* 1 Kings 19

* Elisha -- potential for greatness but plowing a field

* Elisha recognized this was a potential for a power partnership

* Elisha recognized that Elijah was at a higher level

* One of the reasons so many people never climb higher

o Is because we don't believe anybody is on a higher level than we are

* There are some people who are:

„X Smarter

„X Richer

„X Wiser

„X More favored

* Than YOU

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