Summary: Church, we need to be able to get a hold of the Lord. We need that as individuals and we need that as a church. The only way that will ever happen is for us to come together like the early church and make seeking God our priority

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Study Text: Matthew 17:21


- Power is the ability to get things done. This means that without power, we are helpless. This is why we need to have our spirit empowered for triumph.

- Therefore, we must take spiritual responsibility to increase our levels of empowerment to command dominion over situations and circumstances around our lives

- We are in the last days, which are the days of the manifestation of God’s power.

- This is when the kingdoms of this world shall become the kingdom of God before the arrival of Christ.

- It is also an era where the power of resurrection shall be in manifestation more than ever before.

- Furthermore, in these last days, the redeemed of the Lord shall be manifesting the messianic order of anointing (Acts 2:16-20; Psalms 110:1-3; Revelation 11:15; Philippians 3:10; Acts 14:11).

- We shall discuss this topic under three sub-headings, while making special reference to the prayer of the church for the deliverance of Peter in Acts 12: 1 – 24.

1. Problems Needing Prayer

2. Power Releasing Prayer

3. Power Proceeding from Prayer

1. Problems Needing Prayer

- Anything called problems should not weigh us down but must become a prayer point.

- Every problem is an opportunity to travail in prayer and to prevail. Some examples of problems include:

i. Persecution and Oppression. Acts 12: 1- 4

- James the brother of John, one of the Lord’s inner circle, is put to death by Herod. Peter has also been imprisoned and is sitting on death row awaiting his own execution.

- The Jews pressed these attacks against the early church because they hated the Gospel they preached. Herod persecuted the early church because it gave him a political advantage.

- We are also told that his actions pleased the Jews. So, Herod and the Jews were responsible for the persecution, but they were merely the human instruments. The one who organized and empowered this persecution was Satan himself.

- He hated the church, the Gospel it preached and the Lord it worshiped. He was out to destroy the church while it was still in its infancy. In order to do that, he stirred up his forces and set them in array against the people of God.

- The church still finds itself in times of trouble. The church still finds itself under attack from its enemies. We must never think that we are immune from assaults from without and from within.

- As long as Satan is allowed to live in this world, he will do everything in his power to disturb and disrupt the harmony and the effectiveness of the church. He hates our message and he hates our Master, therefore he is all out against us.

ii. Fear of being overpowered by the enemy. 2 Chronicles 20: 1- 4

- Jehoshaphat was afraid of the news that the enemy were coming in great multitude to destroy his people, but he turned it into prayer unto God.

- Due to his prayer, God took over their battle and manifested great power to destroy all the enemies that came against them.

- Our problems and fear should not drive us away from God, or make us to seek other gods, but they should spur us to turn to the living God in prayer, and we shall see His power for our victories.

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