Summary: Spirutal warfare

Micah 7:8:“Rejoice not against me, O mine enemy: when I fall, I shall it in darkness, the Lord shall be a light unto me.”

Now, make the following confessions loud and clear:

¨ I may lose a battle, but I will win the war, in the name of Jesus.

¨ This year, if the devil tries to discourage me, I will discourage him, in the name of Jesus.

¨ I will trouble my trouble and make my doubt to doubt, in Jesus’ name.

The ability of prayer warfare or what we call fire prayer to scare the enemy away cannot be over-emphasized. When a cry of defeat and demotion came to Elijah, his answer to it was fire prayer. I remember a brother who was a store officer in a multinational company. He had a manager who harassed him everyday. If he sat down, the manager would say, “That’s not how to sit down.” If he wrote something he would say that his English was bad. Anything he did was bad as far as the manager was concerned. It got to a stage that one day, the brother, all of a sudden, remembered that he could say some fire prayers. He locked himself up in the office and for just one minute said, “O Lord, let every power that wants to trouble me in this office be overthrown, in the name of Jesus.” After that one-minute prayer, he did not know that he had caused a serious trouble. In that company there was a cold-room where they kept meat cooked in the kitchen. Five minutes or so after the brother’s prayer, that manager went into the cold-room and stole the ear of a cow and put it in a black nylon bag. Because he was a manager, the security men at the gate did not check what he was carrying. But the managing director of the company happened to have been following him, and he said to the security men: “Is this how you do your work? You don’t search everybody? How about that man going? The security men said, “Sir, but he is a manager.” The managing director insisted that they should search everybody. So, the security men said to the manager, “Please, sir, can we see what you are having in that black bag?" And they found that the manager had stolen the ear of a cow, and he was suspended on the spot. He was away for a long time and during this period, they promoted this brother to his position. I want you to know the power of God and His ability to move into your situation if you trust Him whole-heartedly.

A sister gave a testimony in Port Harcourt. She had attended a service and during the message a word of knowledge came that she would get a job she was seeking for. When she went for the interview, she took the first position and was asked to resume. But a day to her resumption, somebody who was influential in that company brought another person who was offered the job. When the sister came, well dressed to resume work, she was told: “Well, you see, somebody has brought somebody else. Though you came first, you see, it has happened.” The sister said, “Okay, excuse me.” She went to the back of the house and prayed like this: “Every power that wants to sit on my job here, be overthrown, in Jesus’ name. After this simple prayer, she returned to the office and soon somebody came and asked her: “Madam, which church do you attend?” She said, “Mountain of Fire.” This person now ran to the man who wanted to remove her and told him that the woman was from Mountain of Fire and that he should better reverse his decision, because if she should pray, anything could happen in that place. Right there, they gave the job back to her. She would have lost the job if she had not known what to do.

I pray that this particular year, whenever there is a manipulation or rearrangement in one way or the other to sit on anything that belongs to you, there shall be a reversal, in Jesus’ name.


If you were a very careful reader of the Book of Revelation, you would have known about the three frogs that the powers of darkness would vomit into the world in the last days. Part of the work of these three frogs is what we shall discuss briefly now. There is something called misfortune, what people of the world call bad luck. The second is something known as sorrow magnet and there is also something known as opportunity abortion. There is also something known as automatic failure mechanism. There are spirits that are bombarding and confusing men and women every day. Many are so confused that they do not understand the way forward. Some spirits go into men in these last days to cause trouble for them. Many people have been plagued by these spirits in the last two or three years.

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