Summary: As Children of God, We have much to Praise Him for.

Psalms.150..let everythingthat has breath praise the Lord.

Romans.10..for the scripture saith whosoever believeth on Him shall not be ashamed.

Here in the Revelation we see the True Church now in God’s presence and giving Him thanks. Just imagine that Time when all of God’s people are together and in the glorified state of Heaven.

Let’s look at some Alleluia’s from this Scripture:

1. Alleluia for His Salvation.

a. a Salvation in Blood...revel.1:5...hebrews.9...

b. the Second Birth..john.3...2-corin.5...

c. the Surety of the Blessed Hope..titus.2...john.14..

2. Alleluia for the Glory of Our God.

a. the Un-seen Glory..1-corin.2...the Queen of Sheba and her remarks about Solomon...the half has not been told me..

b. the Un-speakable Glory..1-peter.1:7-8..2-corin.12:3-5...rom.5:1-5..

c. the Un-ending Glory..1-thess.4:13-18...1-peter.5:10..ephes.2:3-7...

3. Alleluia for the Honor and Power of God.

a. honored as the Son of God..2-peter.1:17..matt.16:18

b. honored as the Bridegroom..vs.7-9...

c. honored as the King of Kings and Lord of Lord’s..1-tim.6:15...matt.28:18....He rode into Jerusalem then on a donkey.( an animal of burden, in revel.19 He comes on a white horse the animal rode by Kings ).

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