Summary: Are you praising Jesus for the right reasons? Or are you praising Jesus for the wrong reasons? You decide!

Praise Him!

Thesis: Are you praising Jesus for the right reasons? Or are you praising Jesus for the wrong reasons? You decide!


Matthew 21:1-17

Mark 11:1-10

Luke 19:28-44

John 12:12-19

Historical Background: What is Palm Sunday all about? Why did they wave Palms?

Looking at the time frame of Jesus entrance into the city the Jews had started the Passover celebration. The remembrance of when God sent the death angel to Egypt and all the first born died except those who had the blood of the lamb smeared on their door posts. This was the day when the people of the Passover were to choose a lamb to be used for the Passover sacrifice and meal. Some of the practices at Passover were for the Priests to chant Psalms 113-118 and then people would wave bundles of Palm branches and say “Halleluiah” at certain points. They would do this because they wanted to give thanks to God for the deliverance of the Israelite people from the bondage of Egypt.

The branches were used because of references in Holy Scripture that the trees of the wood would sing him praise. They would end this ritual with the people saying,” Save us, O Lord our God and send prosperity.” This phrase was condensed for some by just saying “Hosanna!” which was actually the quoting of Psalm 118:25, 26 “O Lord, save us; O Lord, grant us success. Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord. From the house of the Lord we bless you.”


It is important that when you gather a teaching from the Word of God that you take notice of the context of the Scripture text. You want to look at what’s before the text and what is after the text. Then look at all the parallels if it’s in the Gospels.

I followed this pattern of study and discovered that in the four instances were the Triumphal entry is described 2 out of the 4 tell the story of individuals being healed of their blindness. They wanted to see physically so Jesus healed them and they could see for the first time in their lives.

As I looked at the other two accounts of the triumphal entry I discovered that the book of Luke tells the parable of the ten minas which describes the vital importance of using the gifts we are given to spread the Kingdom of God and to honor what the Father has given us.

The text of John recounts the story when Jesus was anointed with oil from Mary. This passage emphasizes that Lazarus who he raised from the dead was with him at the anointing. It also notes that Judas become upset over Mary wasting her costly perfume to wipe it on Jesus feet. Jesus tells him to leave her alone. It also makes reference to how the multitude had heard about how Jesus raised him from the dead.

In 3 of our texts which described the triumphal entry everyone but John follows with the story in the Temple when Jesus cleanses it and drives out the thieves and money changers. He cries,” My House will be called a house of prayer not a den of robbers.” Now we know why Jesus wept for Jerusalem in Luke 19:41-44. He knew when he saw her that she was spiritually blind and unable to see who Jesus was. He knew that they would reject him and therefore the city and Temple would be destroyed in 70AD.

T.S. – We have looked at what preceded and followed out texts for today this Palm Sunday now lets look at our text and Jesus Triumphal entry.

Video Illustration from Jesus the mini series - His triumphal entry!

Observations of the triumphal entry from our 4 passages:

He rode in on a donkey in humility fulfilling prophecy

The people waved palm branches and some laid them and coats at the feet of the donkey.

The people shouted “Hosanna”! Referencing Psalms 118

The people shouted blessed is the King who comes in the name of the Lord.

Blessed is the King of Israel!

The people praised him and the religious leaders HATED it.

They marveled at his miracles and praised Him for them.

T.S. – We have looked at our text and read and seen what happened that day now lets make some practical applications for ourselves today.

I. What do you see when you praise Jesus?

a. The people there that day at the triumphal entry looked at Jesus in different ways. Here are what some saw then and what some see now when they praise Him.

i. A Miracle worker who could give you a miracle?

ii. A New King of Israel to over throw the Romans?

1. They shouted Hosanna!

a. Which means: Save us and give us prosperity – physically-financially!

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