Summary: Over 300 verses in the Word of God command us to praise the Lord. It is the theme of the Bible. God delights to have His children praise Him.


1. Poem: Praise The Lord

2. 17 Old Testament books refer to praising the Lord.

3. 11 New Testament books refer to praising the Lord.

4. 300 verses refer to praising the Lord

5. We must praise the Lord:


A. cf. 1 Kings 18:39 “The LORD He is God…”

B. He made us---Psalm 119:73 “THY hands…”

C. We are His people

1. He bought us---1 Corinthians 6:19,20

2. He is our King---Psalm 44:4

D. We are His sheep---Psalm 23:1-4

1. He provides for us---1, 2

a. Rest---1

b. Refreshment---2

2. He protects us---3, 4

a. He’s our guide---3

b. He’s our guard---4


A. cf. Nahum 1:7 “The LORD is good.”

B. His mercy is everlasting---Psalm 136

1. “For His mercy endureth forever!!”

2. EVERYTHING we have is from God!

C. His truth endureth to all generations

1. Psalm 119:90

2. God is faithful to:

* Save those who come

* Forgive our sins

* Do what He says

* Help us to obey Him


1. ILL: “Aunt Sadie’s Blanket”

2. How do we praise the Lord?

· Sing to the Lord---1, 2b

· Serve the Lord.---2a

· Salute the Lord—4


Poem: Praise the Lord

Praise Him when the sun is shining,

When the winds of trouble blow,

When you see no silver lining,

On the clouds that hand so low.

Praise illumines clouds of sorrow,

Turns the gray skies into gold,

Giving promise of a ‘morrow

Bright with blessings manifold.

Praise Him when the load is heavy,

And the day no comfort brings.

Then your burden God will carry,

Bear you as on eagle’s wings.

God delights to have us praise Him;

And believe His Holy Word

And He knoweth them that trust Him,

For they always praise the Lord.


ILL: Aunt Sadie’s Blanket

“Aunt Sadie”, the Church matriarch, was given to “fits of excitement”. Whenever something happened that blessed her soul, she would stand up; wave her hankie in the air and shout at the top of her voice, “WELL! PRAISE THE LORD!!!”. These “outbursts” began to distract the minister and make him lose his train of thought. “Plus”, he told Aunt Sadie, “it disrupts the liturgy and dignity of our worship experience.” The pastor told her if she would refrain he would buy her an electric blanket. She needed the blanket so she agreed to give it a try. She did well for several months until a guest speaker came and began to preach about the love of God that sent Jesus to the cross to pay the penalty for our sins. Aunt Sadie could stand it no longer. She stood, raised her hankie and shouted, “BLANKET OR NO BLANKET, PRAISE THE LORD!!”

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Larry Finley

commented on Oct 25, 2007

Loved the illustration of Aunt Sadie's Blanket. Had heard it yrs ago but did not know where or remember it exactly. Thanks

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