Summary: Praiseing God at the right time.

Praiseing God on the wrong side of the river. Exodus 14:11- 15:1 Ex 14:11, And they said unto Moses, Because there were no graves in Egypt, hast thou taken us away to die in the wilderness?...... Ex 15:1, Then sang Moses and the children of Isreal...... As Pharaoh persude the children of Isreal, they began to murmmer and complane, God had brought them out of bondage, He was their source and supply. But when it came to the sea, they wanted to give up and return into bondage again. They had forgotten about Gods dileverence. Only when they were safe across the river did they start praiseing God. They Praised Him on the wrong side of the river. What are the enemies of the christian? Doubt, uncertanty, confusion, lack of faith and ignorance. To recieve from God we hafe to know how to approach Him in spirit and truth. Why do we always hafe to wait on God to deliever us our of trouble before we praise Him? Has He caused us to doubt Him has He ever left us in bondage to satan under any condition, have we walked a lonely road alone?It seems that as a young christian we have the spirit and faith in us, so that we believe that we can beat the word at everything, and come out without a scratch. But something happens along the way to being mature in Christ, We as the Isrealites did reverse our praise and wait for the mirical in our lives before we praise God. We start praiseing God on the wrong side of the river. When your in trouble and dont know what to do, go to God and start praiseing Him. Dont take a wish list with you, God is not a Bank or a delivery boy. God is the Almighty, The first and the Last, the begining and the end, the Alpha and Omega. Doesnt the scripture say that, The Joy of the Lord is my strength. When your down, lonely, depressed, when the bill colectors start to call, when your family is sick, when you think that satan is haveing a hay day with your finances, your boss treatens to replace you with a machine, when your doctor tells you that you have cancer or heart desiese, throw up your hands. Yes, throw up your hands and start praiseing the Lord. Sing Him songs, Glorify His name, Dance to Him, Leap and shout and just praise Him. When you start praiseing God then you get His attention. The Lord inhabites our praise, so when we praise Him Hes there with us. The scripture tells us that Jesus would never leve us or forsake us, Hes there. We dont Glorify God after the delieverence but before. Look at the patrearcs of the old testiment, many before battle, praised God and thanked Him for the battle won, before the battle was fought.Look at Matthew 5:7 Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy. There are nine, Blessed ares, in Matthew 5, what Jesus said would happen will happen. We are blessed, we are not under bondage, we dont hafe to wine and complaine. We are supossed to use the old testiment scriptures as an example. So when are we going to church, when are we going to learn from the mistakes listed there? Today is the day of salvation, today is the day of our delieverence, today is the day we praise God, not tomorrow after we cross the river, but now on this side.We start now, praiseing God for our salvation. Have you ever noticed that most christians never call on God unless they want something or when something is wrong. You never hear about God in the news or on television unless there is a major event that has taken place, and then everyone, believer and unbeliever, wants God to bless there country or nation.Even in the churches, they talk of faith and prosperity and not once give God the praise for it. They say we have done this and we have done that and we want to thank this group and that group. But what about God? What about Jesus and the Holy Ghost? But you can sit back and watch, something always goes wrong and then they call upon God.Pride comes before a fall. When do they praise the Lord? Not before but after the Lord rescues them. When are we going to learn to lean on Jesus, when are we going to learn to praise God before we cross the river. When are we going to start thanking Him who delivers us in times of distress, when? Look at Psalms 148:1-2 Praise ye the Lord. Praise ye the Lord from the Heavans, Praise Him from the heights. Praise ye Him all His angels, praise ye Him all His hosts. The Bible tells us a secret to get to the Lord ,in time of need praise,praise, praise. Its the key for hearing from God ,its the key to our finiances, its the key to our health, its the key to our life, and its the key to get us to the other side of the river. The waters are dark, swift and troubled, wouldnt you want the Lord on your side before you step into the water, which is the world? Its the world system that is trying to creep its long gangly fingers into the church. its the leaven of the pharsees thats trying to get into our schools and churches and homes by whatever way is open. Homosexualiety and perversness, drugs and alcohol, pornography and all manner of unrightiouness creaping throu the doors ,like a rageing river that wont be stopped. As it was in the day of Noah, so shall it be in the day of the second comming of the son of man. The river is rageing, fire and smoke and blood intermingle with the waters of change. Theres a storm comming and the river must be crossed.The waters are riseing where the government cant help, where your neighbour cant help, where the nations of the world cant help, we are against the bank of the river ,we cant take another steep, the waters are riseing and we are about to be overtaken. What do we do? Praise the Lord, praise Him with the harp and the stringed instruments, every thing that has breath, Praise the Lord. Not on the other side but now, and watch the difference it makes.Take the key, and open the doorway to Heavan, dont be caught up with the world. And dont be caught, Praiseing God,On the wrong side of the River. A.R.S.

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