Summary: Use the principles in the prayer Jesus taught as we pray.

God knows everything right? God already knows what we’re going to say before we say it, right? Then why pray? What are some of the reasons why we need to talk to God when He already knows everything??

We pray because:

We are commanded by God to pray. 1 Thessalonians 5:17 tells us to pray continuously.

Prayer acknowledges the reality of God!

Prayer works; God answers prayers!

Jesus is our example and He is always praying.

Prayer connects us with God.

Prayer empowers everything (The full Armor of God in Ephesians 6 is weak without prayer)!

Prayer is a weapon against the devil! Prayer is godly power!

All Christians must be in the habit of praying always.

Prayer is godly power!

Like me when I started looking at the “Lord’s Prayer”, some of you might be thinking, “I don’t need another message on prayer”! But let us be honest with ourselves and ask these questions:

Do we truly grasp the importance of prayer?

How often are we praying then?

Do we know how to pray?

Jesus taught His disciples how to pray in Luke 11, please open your Bibles there. Read along with me now Luke 11:1-4…….

Why did the disciple, who really spoke for all the disciples, asked Jesus to teach them how to pray?

Let us note that Jesus just finished praying when they asked to be taught; we can also note that Jesus has been demonstrating prayer to His disciples; even earlier in the Gospel of Luke, several times Jesus found solitude and prayed to God the Father.

And so, likely one of the reasons why the disciples asked how to pray was they wanted to pray like Jesus. After all, disciples are to imitate!

We also read that the disciple noted John the Baptist’s disciples being taught how to pray. This can indicate a few things; the disciples really wanted to learn how to pray or they were jealous of John’s disciples. But let us note, whatever the disciple’s reason for asking how to pray, Jesus did not reprimand them.

A main Biblical principle here is this: No matter the intent, asking how to pray is a good thing! Why? – because, Prayer is godly power!

Let us pause here for a moment and think and pray about this. Deep down in our hearts, do we really believe in the importance of prayer? Do you and I really want to improve our prayer lives?

If so, let us personally and quietly ask Jesus right now to help us understand the importance of prayer and improve our prayer lives….. Amen!

Let us continue to study Luke 11 and learn to pray better.

When Jesus said “when you pray say…”, do you think He meant we are to repeat the prayer word for word over and over again? Why or why not??

Yes, if we just keep saying these words over and over again, there’s the danger of it being a rote prayer, just reciting words without real meaning.

And yes, did you note the missing words in this version. Usually, when one says this prayer one would start “Our Father…”.what’s next?

We don’t see “who art in heaven” in this passage!

There are many English versions of this prayer, all claiming to be God’s Word, and Jesus taught the same type of prayer in Matthew 6 with different words. Turn there with me for a moment, Matthew 6:5-13….

And so, although it is good to know these words of prayer Jesus taught, they are really not meant to be recited over and over again.

And so, how are we to pray this prayer Jesus taught?

We are to follow the principles stated in the prayer Jesus taught!

What are these praying principles?

1. Acknowledge who God is! (v2b)

God is Father, the source of all things! God is Holy, hallowed is His Name! In Matthew 6, Jesus told His disciples to acknowledge through prayer that God is in heaven, a place of eternity and perfection of love, joy, peace, and everything glorious!

2. Pray for God’s Kingdom to come here on earth, as it is in heaven (v2c)

Let me ask a question, “How is God’s Kingdom going to happen here on earth??”

It is only through Jesus Christ and through Christians can God’s Kingdom happen here on earth! Christians should pray, Lord Jesus, help me to help You bring Your Kingdom where I live!

3. Pray for God’s will to be done. (Matt. 6:10b)

Often when we pray, we pray for our will don’t we? Why pray for His Will to be done? – God knows best!! Jesus Christ is God and He knows best! Therefore we pray for Jesus’ will; this is what it means to pray in Jesus’ Name.

4. Pray for basic daily needs! (look at v3 again…)

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