Summary: When God burdens us in our prayer life he is preparing us to do something about that burden in someone elses life. When our prayers connect with God's plans great things happen.

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Intro: Tomas A Edison “Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed up in overalls and looks like work.”

I agree with Mark Driscoll pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seattle Washington. “We need far less people criticizing and writing books about what is wrong with the church.” We need more people to put their overalls on and walk closer to Jesus and bring about what the Church was called and created to be! We the bride of Christ were created to be the City of God in the world. We were created to be a light in this dark broken world.

Johnny Hunt “We’re not getting fed. His response, you fat rascal get up and expend some energy for the kingdom of God.”

What we get to see in the end of chapter 1 through chapter two is Nehemiah’s journal or memoir of how this can happen. Instead of complaining about what was wrong with the people and city of Jerusalem he went to God about what He could do to make a difference in the lives of the citizens and the city. (Principle: If God has revealed something to you that creates a burden he is probably preparing you to do something about it!!) Principle of Preparation

I. Nehemiah’s Passion

Nehemiah heard the bad report and immediately went to God for a remedy.

He began with intercession and confession before God. Confession is the root of spiritual power. In confession we declare our rebellion to God and ask for Him to heal, and cleanse us of any rebellion that will limit His work in our life. That is exactly what Nehemiah was doing in his praying for the citizens and city of Jerusalem.

Nehemiah spends 4 months in fasting, praying and intercession for his people and the city.

In the four months Nehemiah was waiting on God but He was by no means idle.

That time was used for God to allow Nehemiah’s passion for the people of Jerusalem to grow into energy for God’s plan to rebuild and restore Jerusalem.

What should we learn from this? When God places a burden for a specific person, people, task, ministry it is preparing you to be used in that area for that purpose. In that God is at work beneath the surface of your life to bring joy, life, renewal, and possible revival. Are you expecting God to work in your life in this way? We should be expecting God to continue to work both in the unusual and the normal monotony of daily life. We should expect God to continue to change people’s lives. (Principle of Expectation)

Jesus calls us together to worship to experience His life changing truth and person. Nehemiah did this for four months in prayer. That time of prayer was used for God to communicate His plan for the people and city of Jerusalem.

We too come together not just for idle time on Sunday Mornings. We come together for encouragement, instruction, direction, and as we go implementation.

James ½ brother of Jesus “faith without works is dead.” Implantation of the world =implementation

II. Nehemiah’s Plan

“To be a person of faith does not mean you are not a person who plans. We need to remember the Revolutionary war saying, “Trust in God, but keep your powder dry.” William Barclay. (What was Nehemiah’s plan based on?)

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