Summary: You can’t crowd the Holy Ghost into a tiny little corner in your life and expect that you’re gonna get all the things that God has in store for you.

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by Bishop Charles C Jones D.D.

Text: Acts 4:31

When you try to do something without praying, what happens???

But have you ever noticed the difference

of what happens when we pray first???

Before prayer it seems that we can do little but after we have prayed it seems as if we can do more.

When there is no effort given to prayer things often end up in failure however when we pray we will see great success.

I know that we are living in a very busy time, people are always in a hurry, and cumbered with much but there comes a time in your day when you ought to slow down and pray.

You can try your very best and your very hardest, and with the most effort, and the most perfection, that you think is possible, and fall on your face every time without prayer!!!

BUT when you pray first it just seems that everything falls right into place don’t it??....


Just like reading your bible for example

I can pick up my bible and sometimes read several verses or maybe even a couple of chapters and I wonder what I’ve read...

And then I remember I didn’t pray yet..

I didn’t pray for God to give me His wisdom and knowledge and understanding and retainment of His Word...

And then with just that simple little prayer in Jesus Name you see so much difference! and so much more understanding...


So does it help to take time to pray.....


AAAAHHH God’s word says where two or three are gathered together...

And where two or more will come in one accord...that’s when we start to see some action begin to take place in our Walk with God...AMEN

With that simple little thing called prayer we’ll begin to see Souls Saved, The Sick Healed, and See those bound by the things of this world Delivered, and their Burdens will begin to be lifted because of the Anointing, we will begin to see the power of God come in all of its fullness Pastors will begin to preach and teach like never We lift up the Name of Jesus Christ Higher than any other name...Because there’s something about that name.

In that Name there’s Power within itself but when you mingle the name of Jesus with this thing called Prayer you will find out very fast that PRAYER CHANGES THINGS!!!!

There’s a little bird called the secretary bird which has wings and can fly I am told that when his enemy will begin to sneak up on him to pursue him, much like the devil will attempt to do to you and I, I am told that He doesn't have enough sense to spread his wings and rise up and fly away from his enemy, so his enemy captures him and what happens?

He perish’s!

Don’t that remind you of you and I?

Saints we as believers also have wings I wanna call them "the wings of Prayer". At any time we can mount up and spread our wings. But way to often when we get into trouble. We forget to pray.

And when we forget what happens every time?

Our problems overcome us, our troubles overcome us and before we know it we end up being defeated before we even get started.

As we look here at the people that are involved in our text. They had been witnessing faithfully to the resurrection of Jesus Christ.Then troublesome times came, Persecution began,and they were forbidden to speak again in the name of Jesus.

I wonder what would we do today if we were forbidden to speak in the name Of Jesus Christ. ( After all we are representing the Kingdom)

But what did they do? What was their answer to this threat of persecution? It was prayer! (Tell your neighbor, Prayer Changes Things)

Our Scripture says in verse 24 "They lifted up their voice to God with one accord" i.e. when they had prayed and after they prayed in verse 31 it say's the place was shaken where they were assembled together; and they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and they spake the word of God with boldness.

People will say today," Well we don’t have a move of God today like they had or we don't have a move of God like we did 105 years ago during the great Azusa Revival or the Charismatic Awakening in the 50's and 60's. What about today?

It’s because we stopped praying for God to move in the earth! (Ask your neighbor," Are you behind in your prayer life?)


Saints we need to no we have to get back to the basics

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