Summary: Spiritual Disciplines that Touch God and Transform Man

The Power of Fasting & Prayer

“Spiritual Disciplines that Touch God and Transform Man”

Matt. 9:14-17

Prayer-Subject-Intro: *Fasting: abstaining from food for spiritual purposes

*Fasting and Prayer do not help us gain God’s acceptance or love

*Fasting and Prayer helps us turn our focus from the world to God

*Fasting and Prayer helps us understand God’s vision & perspective

*Helps us set aside carnal hindrances and receive spiritual strength

I. Prayer & Fasting (Matt. 9:14-17) (Why?)

A. Renews our love for Jesus and revives His Presence in us and with us

1. v. 15 – Bridegroom and the Bride illustrate love, intimacy, union, oneness

2. v. 15 – “with them” (indicates Jesus’ earthly ministry)

3. v. 15 – “take from them” (indicates after Jesus’ earthly ministry)

4. vv. 16 -17 – “new” vs. “old”

a. We can have, live in the new, fresh things God is doing

b. The Lord doesn’t want “part” or “patches” of our lives

c. The Lord wants to make His Presence in our lives like a “garment” on us

d. Fasting and Prayer produces “New Wine” – fresh empowerment, infilling, fullness, fulfillment and “new wine skins”

1. Personal lives

2. Corporate unity

e. He wants us (His people) to carry His power within us to the world

f. When we are poured out though fasting and prayer the fragrance and power of Christ is experienced in us and through us to others

B. Removes carnal hindrances and releases His power *Matt. 17: 14-21

1. v. 21 – “this kind” of what?

a. Faith v.20

b. Mountain moving influence from God

c. Delivering power from God

d. Limitless possibility with Almighty God

II. Prayer & Fasting (Is. 58)

A. Given and ordained by God

B. Given for Divine purpose

C. Will release God’s power

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