Summary: This Prayer Template is based on Dr. Cho's work from South Korea. It has been adapted to fit a local church as a prayer guide. I thank Dr. Cho for sharing this template in his messages and in his writings.

Tabernacle Prayer


Adapted from Pastor Cho for Griffin’s Chapel COTN1

Instructions: Pray the following pages out loud to learn how to worship God in the Tabernacle/Temple fashion. This prayer guide has been adapted from Pastor Cho of South Korea in a way to assist our times of prayer at the Griffin’s Chapel Church of the Nazarene by Pastor Ernie L. Arnold.

Opening Prayer:

Father we desire to pray today, so we come into your presence right now – seeking only You! We cry out for Your anointing today! Anoint me, LORD JESUS! Only though more of Your anointing can I live out and carry out my work according to your will for me. Only through more anointing can I fulfill your plan for my life. Only through Your anointing can I live a victorious/sanctified life. Only through spending time in Your Presence Jesus can I ever hope to be completely filled with Your Holy Spirit.

Father, it was You who commanded Moses to build the tabernacle in the wilderness. You dwelt there and met Your people there. The Israelites only worshipped You in that tabernacle. They served no other god(s) in Your Tabernacle. It was holy and filled with Your Presence. The Tabernacle illustrates Your pattern for worship and for praise. It holds the sequence to draw close to You even today. I desire that intimacy today in my life. I desire to worship only You – Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I desire to be totally yours – heart, mind and strength. I choose today to love You supremely!

I thank You for the tabernacle model through Moses, in Jesus, and in Heaven. I thank You for the courtyard – where the Brazen Altar and the Laver is located. I thank You for the HOLY PLACE – where the Golden Candlesticks are as well as the Table of Showbread and the Altar of Incense. I thank You for the HOLY OF HOLIES – where the Ark of the Covenant and Your Mercy Seat reside.

Today, according to Your Word – Your Spirit through the power of Jesus dwells within Me. I am a clay vessel that can house both Your Holy Spirit along with my human spirit. My spirit can be in the Holy of Holies. My mind can be as the Holy Place. My physical body can be as the Courtyard. Come to me now, Lord Jesus! Work, cleanse, renew and revive my spirit. Flow through my spirit, my soul – my mind and body. I directly worship You, LORD JESUS, through the temple of my spirit, my soul and with all my might. I turn myself over to you. Completely into Your hands I place myself.

Jesus, You are the High Priest of Heaven. Teach me Your Word, Your Way and Your Life.


In my imagination and in my spirit I come to the Temple of the Holy Spirit. I see the Tabernacle Courtyard in my mind. I see the Brazen Altar. I remember all the different offerings that were presented on the Brazen Altar – SIN, TRESPASS, BURNT, THANKSGIVING AND RECONCILIATION. All of these simply foretold of the sacrifice of our LORD JESUS CHRIST. I acknowledge and recognize the cost of sin.

I believe the Cross of Jesus Christ, my Savior replaces the Brazen Altar for me today. I believe that the blood of Jesus replaces the blood of animals for me today. Jesus gave one sacrifice, Himself for all time. My sin is forgiven. I am declared righteous through the Cross of Jesus Christ. I have no guilt or shame today. I have been given and receive a clean slate today because of the blood of Jesus Christ. Thank-you Jesus! I will enjoy forgiveness today. I will enjoy justification today. I will enjoy regeneration today. I will enjoy being Born Again today. I will enjoy living a life of salvation and sanctification. I will enjoy today being free from the penalty and power of sin. I will today rejoice in living in Jesus Christ, my Savior and LORD!

Jesus, through your shed blood You conquered Sin. You defeated the Devil. You conquered Hell, death and the grave. I gratefully receive today Your sanctification and the fullness of Your Holy Spirit. Any hold that the devil or evil attempts to place on me is canceled and broken right now in the name of Jesus! Jesus today I acknowledge that You have delivered us from the power of darkness and in you we can experience a life of redemption and freedom. Because of the blood, because of Jesus, I am free in Jesus!

You hung on the cross for my infirmities. I am healed today. Sickness and disease are not to be mine. I will not claim a sickness or a disease, instead I call on the healing of Jesus in my life. By Your Stripes, Jesus we are healed. I claim Your healing today Jesus. I declare today in Jesus I am healthy in body, mind and spirit. I will not embrace any sickness or disease. Instead, I embrace Your Healing Jesus. I will bow at your feet, walking with you always.

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