Summary: Prayer is the primary power source for believers. This sermon will help us to develop a more power prayer life.


INTRODUCTION: Paul tell us in his letters that the battle we fight is not against flesh and blood, yet we remain improperly armed. We know that God desire personal relationship with us, yet we rarely spend time with Him. We know that God desire the best for us, yet we do not ask. It seems that 20th century prayer has become mere rhetoric. At FCC we want prayers of action!

I. We must understand the nature of prayer.

A. Matthew 6:9 prayer is viewed as part of a relationship. Not just any relationship, but a family relationship.

B. Revelation 5:8; 8:4 there can be little doubt that Jonhn is thinking of Psalm 141:2. Here we see that prayer pleases God.

C. I John 1:3 and Psalm 46:10 Prayer is two-way.

II. We must recognize the power of prayer

A. Frequently God's answer to prayer will be beyond what we expect (Ephesians 3:20)

III. We must undersatnd the imperatives of Prayer.

A. We must pray with faith

1. James 1:6,7

2. Mark 11:24

B. We must pray with a pure heart

1. Isaiah 59:1,2

2. Matthew 6:12

3. I Peter 3:12

4. James 4 Identifies three things that hinder prayer

a) Wrong desire (4:2)

b) Wrong motives (4:3)

c) Wrong objectives (4:2)

(1) Right desire-Intamacy with God

(2) Right Motives-To glorify God

(3) Right objective- To do God's will

C. We must Prayer with persistance

1. Daniel 10:12-13

2. Luke 18:1

a) One author suggest that we pray until one of two things happens

(1) You see God's answer. NO IS AN ANSWER

(2) The Holy Spirit gives you confidence that the battle is won.

D. We must pray with contrition

1. II Chronicles 7:14

2. Isaiah 58:9

E. We must prayer with Whole heartedness

1. Jeremiah 29:13

F. We must pray iwith obedience

1. I John 3:22

CONCLUSION: Prayer truly is the ultimate in communication. It is also the ultimate in power. Are you plugged into your power source?

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