Summary: How to have faith in your prayers

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Prayer Works

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Pastor Danny L. Williams

November 7, 1999

Text: Acts16: 25-31

Intro: For so many year’s , We the church have coward in the corner. As people ask us , Where is your God ? Where are his mighty act’s Where are the great thing’s that happened in the word of God? where are the miricales? But is seem’s that for the past several years we have been a shell for what we could be for God . and many of we wonder and begin to ask questions in our selves is it really real?does God still do it?

But ask yourself " Is this as close to God as I will ever get in my life?"

Will I ever be in the place in my life that I will begin to enjoy God’s peace and deep Joy?

And if so how do I get there?

There was a discussion about church Growth, and One man said I dont know why the church is not winning the battle? The church Has grown and expanded as never before in history..

And the other fellow resonded Yes, its ten miles wide but only a quarter inch thick.

That’s where we have lost it

We have no base..(foundation)

See Church if we are ever going to Grow broader me must First Grow Deeper.

That is where many of us struggle , We want the blessing’s of Growth , but we don’t want the responsibility of depth.

And it is the lack of depth that has allowed so many of us to begin to ask those tough question’s.

question ’s like " does God really hear us? does Prayer really work? and if it does why haven’t I seen any thing?

You begin to ask yourself , does prayer really work?

but understand this Morning that God want’s us to begin to Grow deeper in our relationship with him ..

You say pastor where do I start?

Vs 16-24 (Back ground)

Everything has gone wrong it seem’s for Paul and silias,

they were minding there own business Ministring to people and wamo... this fruit loop show’s up...

and annois them and mockes them

So they do what every preacher would do,

Cast the demond out of her. ( that remind’s me we will be praying for any body that want’s it at the end of the service>>> hahahahahaha)

Then there master get’s Mad and Has Paul and Silias beatten and thrown in prision...

Thing’s are a little ruff wouldn’t you say?

But how did they respond?

How did they enter into God ’s provision’s

I. they sought his Purpose

Vs. 25

But at midnight Paul and Silas were praying,and singing hymns to God, and the prisioners were listening to them.

Notice it say’s at midnight, they were not up wringing there hand’s , pacing the Jail, worring all night trying to figure it out themselves. they were praying

Physically they were brusied ,beaten and bashed, then were thrown in jail.

Question? would you feel like praying at midnight?

But look at the Sacrifice that they made to seek God at the Darkest Times

I’m sure they really didn’t feel like praying...

Have you ever had dark times, where you didn’t feel like praying?

See when they prayed at midnight , it was the darkest hour of the night and they knew that it wouldn’t be light for hour’s , However they began to pray... They sensened an urgentcey to pray..and a convection that God will deliver.

1. they were not talking to each other,or the other prisoner’s, asking how are we going to get out of this mess? they were focusing on God

See church that’s it We need to Look vertically on God to strenghen us rather that Horizonally on each other.

2. see : praying and praising go hand in hand. together they are powerful weapon’s

when we begin to pray , God will open the door for praise.

even thought they were in prision they prayed>>>>

Where do you pray? where is your prayer closet?

See the atmosphere and format of prayer will vary: But that is not nearly as important as it’s essence, touching the Almighty with our whole being , and what matter’s most is that we have an encounter with the God of the universe....

Look at what happen’s when they begin to pray and praise.

and to seek God’s purpose.

II.They experienced his Power...

vs 26. Suddenly there was a great earth quake. So that the foundation of the prison were shaken..

1.Notice the word Suddenly" what a response, it doesn’t say slowly , it say’s suddenly, . .. that word suddenly mean’s "Without warning", unexpected.

It’s like would you do this , this and this, and baaamm .. Suddenly he answer’s

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