Summary: We live in a nation that often refers to itself as “Christian” – but as we continue to press through time we must wonder, “Where is the evidence of the fruit”?

Praying for Revival

Psalm 85:1-13


If you have your Bibles, go with me to Psalm 85.

We live in a nation that often refers to itself as “Christian” – but as we continue to press through time I have begun to really wonder, “Where is the evidence of the fruit”?

Jesus said that if he is the vine and we are the branches, then logically the fruit would come off of us. So, in this nation – where’s the fruit?

Basically, while many claim to be Christian the evidence of their lives is not.

Prior to being brought into captivity, the Israelites were living the same way that we see in this nation today. Giving themselves over to reprobate minds, sin, and whatever else makes them feel good.

We have an example tonight to draw from that really hits the nail on the head and demonstrates the opportunities that even this nation and church has today.

Stand and turn with me to Psalm 85 tonight – read 1-13 - Pray

Point 1 - Prayer for favor

Let me ask, could you be more humble?

Could you seek after God’s favor more in your life?

There is a unique opportunity here, to honestly reflect on what the Lord has done for you, and see yourself in this same situation.

Look at how David records God’s mercy to us – even when things in this world catch up with us. (Re-read v1-3)

What David is doing is very unique here. He is telling God of what He has done for his people. He is practically reminding God of His mercy.

David is confessing of the goodness of the Lord. He is praising God for what He has done for His people.

The psalmist recognizes in this passage that captivity and judgment were necessary; he prays that the Lord would turn from His anger and grant them mercy. (Admittedly, this is mercy that their nation does not deserve.)

We, too, must admit our faults before the Lord will revive us. (Bro Butch preached on repentance this morning … changing our minds …)

Imagine how much different life could have been for the Israelites had they not sought the Lord for favor? Imagine how much more could have happened to them if they had not humbled themselves before the Lord?

I honestly believe that God still seeks this kind of humbleness from us today.

THEN – this is what really gets me – rather than going into what God can do for Him, he begins to pray on behalf of his nation.

Re-read v4-7

V5 is very pivotal in this passage – David is actually questioning God and asking him (in layman’s terms), “How long are we going to have to pay for the mistakes of the past?”

Then again, David pleads for revival in the land – something that we need desperately even today in this nation.

V7 says, “Show us your unfailing love ...”

Show us your salvation – show us how much you care – show us all you have done …

APP: What has God done for you? (Consider the cross …)

David is declaring to God – to show us the unfailing love! God is faithful – that is a promise!

Once we pray for favor, we have to be willing to hear what God is saying to us.

Point 2 - Willingness to hear the Lord

David begins by declaring what he will do (Change of mind …)

Read v8-9

APP: Can you do this? Can you state to God what you will do, because you are willing to be obedient – or do we tell God what we will do because we fit Him in?

Application: This is the challenge tonight – God has already told us what we need to be doing – he has already made it very clear of what needs to be done.

Look at David’s declaration of God’s faithfulness.

Let’s look at what David is saying (v9-12) …

What does this mean to you?

Is it not a promise of how God is raising you?

Is not a direction that we can move in and cling too?

In my heart, I believe that God is trying to make his presence known to us in all things – especially when it comes to revealing His grace and mercy to us.

A failure to listen to God brings judgment, so the psalmist is willing to hear from the Lord – knowing that revival will follow …

If the conditions of repentance are met, the psalmist knows blessings will follow!

Verse 13 is one of the most powerful verses I have read in a while. (Read v13)

God prepares your steps – IF we are faithful to follow and seek Him.


I want to challenge you this week to pray over this psalm, repent of sin in your life, and literally go before the Lord and plead for His favor.

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