Summary: What is prayer???


James 5:13-16

What is prayer???

ME: If you’re like me you’ve heard it countless times, just pray about it, or come down here and pray.

1: But what is prayer really?

How I talk to God

How I get stuff from God

How I get help from God

Application: Those are all true, but what if prayer was something more than just what I get or how I ask???

WE: When we pray what are we really doing???

2: Prayer is communication

But we don’t communicate with just anybody

Prayer is like a sacred secret message between you and God

There are things we pray that we would never say to someone else

Application: Praying is something we can do anytime in any place because is everywhere all the time!!!

YOU: What have you been praying about???

3: If matters enough to you to pray about it must be important

Do you get sidetracked sometimes when you try to pray?

Do you only pray about big things that come up?

Maybe you feel like God doesn’t get you or maybe you don’t really get God

Application: All these things are just diversions and roadblocks that Satan throws at you when you attempt to talk to God. It’s not you, there isn’t something wrong with you because these things happen.

GOD: James 5:13-16

4: God says whatever you got going on “Let’s talk about it”


Cheerful/SING which is another form of prayer

Sick/Get others involved to pray

Application: When we pray and talk to God in this way, things happen!!! When we pray for each other this way, things happen!!!

YOU: The average person will speak 860 million words in a lifetime

5: You have a lot to say, and a lot of what you have to say is important

What you say has power

Proverbs 18:21 Death and life are in the power of the tongue

You will communicate so much in a lifetime

Application: Your prayers are what you say to GOD they’re not counted in that 860 million word count.

SO WHAT: Praying is faith in action, and faith is decision and obedience not ability!!!

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