Summary: Adaptation of Jesus Great High Priestly Prayer and Isaiah 53 to soul-winning

PRAYING for Self/Soul-winners/Witnesses: Jesus High Priestly Prayer

(John 17)

#1 PRAY: ’That they may be _______ as We are’ (John 17:11)

#2 PRAY: ’That they might have My _______ fulfilled in themselves’

(John 17:13)

#3 PRAY: ’That Thou shouldest keep them from the _________ [one]’

(John 17:15)

#4 PRAY: ’That God would ______________ them through the Truth’

(John 17:17)

#5 PRAY: ’That they all may be ________as Thou Father art in Me, and

I in Thee’ (John 17:21a)

#6 PRAY: ’That they also be _________ in Me that the world may

believe that Thou hast __________ Me.’ (John 17:21b)

#7 PRAY: ’That they may be _________ even as We are _________.’

(John 17:22)

#8 PRAY: ’That they may be made ____________ [mature] in one’

(John 17:23a)

#9 PRAY: ’That the world may know that Thou hast _________ Me

and hast _______them as Thou hast loved Me.

(John 17:23b)

#10 PRAY: ’That _______ ___________ wherein Thou hast __________

Me may be in them. (John 17:26)

’How to Lead A Soul to the Lord Jesus Christ’

by: ’The Only Person Called an Evangelist in the New Testament’

(Acts 8-Philip)

A. We must ’Paint a Portrait’ of the Seven Signs/Aspects of Jesus’

Suffering Love (Isaiah 53:4, 5)

(Preach unto them Jesus)

1. Jesus bore our ________________ (physical sicknesses/diseases)

2. Jesus carried our ___________________ (mental/emotional pains)

3. Jesus was wounded for our ___________________ (rebellion)

4. Jesus was bruised for our __________________

(guilt of sin/punishment)

5. Jesus took upon Him the ______________________ of our peace


6. Jesus healed us with His __________________ (blue wounds

of scourging/whipping)

7. Jesus had_____ ____________ ____ ____ ____ laid upon Him

(full weight of sins/guilt of mankind)

B. We should use the most powerful Salvation Scripture available:

O. T. (Isaiah 53:7, 8; Acts 8:32, 33 )

(Preach unto them Jesus)

1. Emphasis must be on Jesus the One ’led as a ______________’

(The Lamb of God [Propitiation]

2. Emphasis must be on Jesus the Lamb led to the ’_______________ ’

(His Sacrifice for Sin’s Payment)

3. Emphasis must be on Jesus ___________________ as demonstration

of (His Great Love for You/Us)

4. Emphasis must be on Jesus ______ _____________ Son of God

(Only Jesus could pay penalty/price)

C. We must ’paint’ a graphic picture on the heart of the unbeliever of

the Cross and Its Truth

(Preach unto them Jesus)

1. For it is ________________ toward God

2. And ___________ toward Jesus Christ that saves! (Acts 20:21)

3. The ’graphic’ picture of the Cross provides the Object

of _________ and clearly displays the goodness of God

which leads to __________________ (Romans 2:4)

D. We must envision this same ’graphic’ picture/portrayal of the Cross applying it to our own hearts bringing into focus ’The Love’ by the Spirit causing repentance which revives us supplying the fullness of the Spirit. When we see Jesus high and lifted up, when we spend time at the foot of the Cross, we recognize afresh His great love that brought us ’so great salvation’ and the joy of our salvation is once again present in our hearts. It is ’The Abiding Love of Jesus’ which gives us ’The Joy of Jesus’ and ’The Peace of Jesus’ follows!

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