Summary: Some encourageing promises from the Lord Jesus Christ to his disciples.

I. Promise Of The Holy Spirit - V. 7

1.To convict the world of sin

2.Show us the life acceptable to God

3.Tells us of the jugement of the prince of this world

II. Promise Of The Holy Spirit To Guide And Teach Us - V .13




III .Promise Of Them To See Him Again - V . 22

1.After his death at the ressurection

2.At his coming for the church

IV .Promise Of Answered Prayer - V .24 ( Heb.10:19 - Ps. 81:10 )

V. Promise Of Christ To Intercede For Us - V. 25 (Heb.7:25 )

VI.Promise Of Peace - V. 33 (John 14:27 )

VII.Promise Of Victory - V. 33 ( 1 Cor.15:57 )

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