Summary: We all were born with a purpose to fulfil, and that purpose is living and growing insde of you waiting to be birthed.

“Pregnant with Purpose”

“There Shall be a Performance”

Luke 1: 39-45

Purpose: The reason for existence, the reason for which something exists or for which it has been done or made. (2) A goal or intended outcome of something.

On thing I have learned in my Christian walk with the Lord, is that the enemy’s job is to stop us from reaching our destiny by confusing us on what our purpose is.

What is your purpose? What is your reason for existence? What is your goal or your intended outcome?

In every ministry or organization there is always a mission statement that states the purpose of that ministry organization.

If I gave you one min could you write down a mission statement for yourself?

We all were put here for a reason but you have to know your purpose and know where you’re going.

In order to understand your purpose, you have to first know who you are.

So many of us are walking in the wrong position because we don’t know who we are

Then there are some of us who are in the right position but can’t be effective in it because we don’t know who we are.

When you don’t know who you are:

• It’s easy to be led in the wrong direction and follow the crowd

o Or be apart of the click

• You begin to act like the people you are associate with. (Association/Assimilation)

For Example: Study show

When you hang around another woman for a long period of time it is known that both women cycle can sometimes become in sync with one another.

In Sync – Example (Ipod, Mp3 Player)

Now You

• Watch pornography

• All kinds of things on TV

Downloads of:

• Gossiping

• Back bitting

• She said he said!

• Fornication

• Unclean thoughts

• Lying

• Jealousy

• Envy

• Strife

You have become in sync with the wrong thing or person! Downloads of mess!

And now you have lost sight of your purpose because you are in sync with the wrong thing and now your purpose has become contaminated.

Contaminated: something impure, unclean, or polluted that makes a place or a substance no longer suitable for use

• Signs of a down syndrome purpose

It’s time to let some things and some people go! Move Forward

• You got to do what ever it takes to birth this baby

• You wonder why you can’t hang out with certain people, it’s because they don’t understand what you are pregnant with.

• They can’t comprehend what God is doing in your life.

• The only thing they can identify with is your past

o Who you were and not who you are. A Use to Be!

I use to be

• A crack head

• A homunger

• A prostitute

• A lier

• A fournicator

• Homosexual

Who you are and where you are now, they can’t identify with that.

They can’t identify with what you are carrying and they can’t identify with what you are about to birth

Close the door!

• those who are killing your baby,

• and killing your dream

• those who are not beneficial or contribute to your future to the call of God on your life

But open the door to the one that can identify to what God has put inside of you!

How do you who they are?


The bible tells us that when Elizabeth heard the salutation of Mary, that the baby leaded in her womb and Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Ghost.

• The presence of the Lord activated the purpose on the inside of Elizabeth.

• She heard the presence of God

The bible tells us that Mary stayed with Elizabeth until the time had come!

The Presence of God Stayed With Her until the Purpose and the promise was fufiled!

When a women begins to have contraction that’s a sign that labor has started and it’s time for the baby to be born

Contractions are painful and uncomfortable

• Your body is preparing itself to release the purpose

• It begins to stretch in order for the purpose to fit through

One thing about labor it’s no telling how long it may last!

• 24, 36, 48 hours

• This kind of labor my take a few years!

• The harvest is plentiful but the labourers are few! (Anybody in labor)

The contractions begins to stretch the body

Now it’s to give birth to this baby!

Look at your neighbor and say! Get in the Birthing Position!

This position is uncomfortable and rather yet embarrassing

There is a reason why you must be open for all to see! Why you ask?

There Shall Be a Performance

Performance: the execution of an action: something accomplished: the fulfillment of a promise, or request. A public presentation or exhibition

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