Summary: God called Moses to prepare the Israelites for God's presence and words!

Please open your Bibles, the Word of God, to Exodus 19…….

Next week, we will study Exodus 20, the 10 Commandments given by God to His chosen People! We will read today in Exodus 19 the preparation for handing down those precious Laws from God. It was preparation not only to hear the laws but to obey them without excuses.

Why should people obey God’s Laws??

Simply, people are to follow God’s Laws because they are perfect and God is the Creator, we are the created! God always reminds us of this bit we easily forget this don’t we? Let us learn how God prepared the Hebrews for His perfect laws!

I have asked Tim Jaenchen to read for us this morning….. Exodus 19…..

Again, Exodus 19 prepares the Israelites to hear God’s major Commandments in Exodus 20. First of all, let us note the setting; let us all picture ourselves with the Israelites.

v1: it has been a month since the Hebrews were freed from Egypt. About how many people were there?? Likely 2 million people journeyed for a month in the desert from Egypt!

v2: now in the desert at the foot of Mount Sinai

Christians today are just like those Hebrews of old, freed from slavery, although in this world (our desert), experiencing God as we live a new life with God Jesus Christ.

How did God prepare the people for His Major Commandments?

v3a: God called Moses. Why??

1. Moses had matured spiritually with God!

2. Moses had been on Mount Sinai with God before! Why did Moses go up Mt. Sinai that 1st time??

3. Moses had a desire for God!

4. The people needed a leader and a priest!

Let us simply note here again that we all are to look for godly leaders like Moses! God called a leader; how else did God prepare the Hebrews for His presence and Words?

v3b: God gave instructions!

v4: They were to remember what God has done so far in love! What has God done so far for the Hebrews??

In general, the Hebrews personally witnessed God’s power and love!

v5-6: God gives a promise of love, godly success, and righteousness as they keep God’s commandments!

Note the people’s response in v8……….

But as we will learn later, the Hebrews again will forget about God and holiness.

v10-15: the people were to consecrate themselves for 3 days in preparation for God’s presence and His Holy commandments!

consecrate = “kodesh” = be holy!

v16-25: God revealed Himself in many ways!

- thunder and lightning

- a thick cloud

- a VERY loud trumpet

- fire sand smoke

- earthquakes

And the people were prepared to hear God, for God spoke to them in Exodus 20! We’ll study Exodus 20 in the next couple of weeks! Let us note that the people easily responded positively to do God’s commandments at this time; but sadly within a month…… we will see the same people worshiping idols and completely forgetting what God told them!

What Biblical Principles are we to note for our lives today?

First of all, as we had been noting,

1. we Christians today are just like the Hebrews of old and also like Moses, God’s chosen leader. How are we like the Hebrews of old?

a. Christians are freed from slavery of sin

b. Christians are not alone (we have a church and other Christians where we live)

c. there’ll be times in our lives when we’re like in a desert (in need)

d. God calls every Christian to be a priest (1 Peter 2:9)

We Christians have the promise of forgiveness through the Cross of Jesus Christ but because

2. God is always holy, we too are called to be holy like the Hebrews of old were called to be! Now, we may look down on these Hebrews of old for worshiping idols when Moses was up on God’s mountain; but let us note that those Hebrews consecrated themselves for God not only for 3 days but for 30 days!! How long can we keep ourselves holy for God? 1 day? 3 days? 30 days? or just 1 hour??

And so, we Christians should note how God asked the Hebrews to prepare for receiving Him and His Word.

3. Everyday as we pray and study God’s Word, but especially before a Worship Sunday; here’s our prep list before studying God’s Word and Worship:

a. note what God has done for us personally!

b. take an inventory of God’s promises of love, life, and eternal life!

c. note how God reveals Himself to us personally and give thanks!

d. confess sins and pursue holines

And like the Hebrews of old, we must be careful of “lip-service” to God!

4. Profess love and commitment to God with heart, soul, and mind, not just with our lips!

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