Summary: As Israel’s end drew near the Prophet Amos admonishes his nation to make preparation to meet their God. Each of us, like Israel, are facing the end of life at any moment, and we too need to be prepared. The Lord uses different circumstances in our lives t

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The Prophet Amos had called his Apostate Nation to Repent and Return to the Lord or face the Sure and Severe Judgment of God. These warnings had time and time again fell on deaf ears and now the time to face the Lord had arrived. The end had come.

To all of us the end will one day come for us as well [Hebrews 9:27], and the question we must ask ourselves is; "Are We Prepared To Meet the Lord?" [2 Peter 3:9] tells us that; "The Lord is long-suffering toward us, not willing that any should perish, but that ALL should come to Repentance." Time and time again, in His long-suffering, the Lord has reached out to us in many ways to call us to Repentance and Faith in Jesus so that we too may be Prepared to Meet the Lord.

Have you ever gave thought to the fact, that if you have never been Saved, that many things that you have experienced in your life have been the Lord working in your life trying to tell you that you were not ready to die and to meet the Lord at the Judgment and that He wants you to Repent and Turn to Jesus so that He can Forgive you and Save you? Let me share a few experiences you may have had that was really an encounter with the Lord. You may have missed connecting the dots back to Him, but it was Him never the less. Take a moment and reflect upon this message and see if the Lord may use it to give you another chance to connect with Him.


Many times we will see groups like, Hazardous Waste Emergency Response Teams and other First Responders, plan and go through a simulated exercise to make sure they are ready for the real thing if and when it may occur. That is called a DRY RUN.

The DRY RUN that I am referring to is when one may have a Near Death experience from an accident, a heart attack, a stroke, etc. I am convinced that these experiences are purposeful. I believe that the Lord may take a lost person through a Dry Run with Death to show them that they are not Prepared to Die and to Meet Him.

Many people have reported how they turned to Jesus for salvation after having such a brush with death, and in that moment they realized they were not ready to go out into eternity and meet the Lord. If you have had such an experience, do not pass it off as just a part of life. Think about it!!


Many a person has finally turned to Jesus when they have experienced Difficulties in a Relationship with a Friend, a Mate, a Co-Worker, etc. When all others have failed them and forsaken them, leaving them with a broken heart and so lonely that they thought they were going to die, it is then many have turned to Jesus, the Friend that sticketh closer than a brother, a Love that will love you to the very end, a healer of broken hearts. Are you or have you experienced a Difficult Relationship with another and have had your world turned upside down, then, it is time for you to turn to Jesus. It is very likely the Lord is calling you to Himself at that moment. Think about it!!

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