Summary: It is one thing to be a witness to the things of Christ. It is another to understand the example or pattern for life Christ set for us to follow and do so. This short series was the result of 2 yrs of questioning my direction after 6 yrs of ministry

Preparing for a Life of Christian Service

Matthew 3:13-4:11


Proposition: Personally, I struggle with whether or not my life is being used effectively for Christ. How about you? Do you struggle with this? How are many of you are interesting in having an effective Christian Life; A life of service for Christ; Not necessarily a life of pleasure, but a life of meaning?

Definition: An effective Christian life I would define this way: A Life of Christian Service Victories – (A noble Knight) few failures, no shame: Crowns -As you kneel before the throne of God you will have crowns to cast before the throne for the many victories.

• The Crown of rejoicing - Soul winners crown 1 Thess. 2:19

• The Crown Incorruptible – Purity crown 1 Cor. 9:25

• The Crown of Righteousness – Soldier’s crown 2 Tim. 4:8

• The Crown of Glory – Shepherd’s crown 1 Pet. 5:4

• The Crown of Life – Martyr’s crown Jam. 1:12, Rev. 2:10

Paul in mentoring Timothy gives him this advice:

“You now my son, be strong in the grace, in Christ Jesus, and what you heard concerning me through many witnesses, entrust to faithful men who are capable also to teach others. Enduring hardship as well being a soldier of Christ Jesus. No one being a soldier entangles himself in the pursuits of this life, in order that he may please the one who has enlisted him.” But if anyone also strives for victory, he will not receive a crown unless he is victorious according to the rules of engagement. 2 Timothy 2:1-5

I believe, with all my heart, you, like I, want to have an effective Christian Life; pleasing God! But how?

There are ways of living the Christian life that do not follow the rules of engagement. And there is one way of following the Christian life that does.

Read: Matthew 3:13-15

Jesus submits His life to the authority of John in order to fulfill scripture, but John does not understand.

I. Submission, sometimes may not appear outwardly to make a lot of sense, but God has knowledge I don’t.

Although Jesus was God, come in the flesh, perfect in thinking, without sin, he submitted to Baptism for Repentance of sin.

• Why would Jesus, Son of God, need to submit to Baptism of Repentance?

• Had he ever sinned? No

• It does not make sense on the surface.

• He said: “to fulfill all righteousness” How is it fulfilled & why?

A. All priest of God about to go into their priestly service must go though

ritual washing. God speaking to Moses says: Exodus 30:18


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