Summary: The battle lines have been drawn, our family is at stake. The family structure has been under attack for quite awhile, are we prepared to fight?

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Ephesians 6:1-6:4

What has gone wrong with America’s Children?

• Did you know that in the US, every 8 seconds of every school day a child drops out of school?

• Every 26 seconds a child runs away from home.

• Every 47 seconds a child is either abused or neglected.

• Every 7 minutes a child is arrested for a drug offense.

• Every 36 minutes a child is either hurt or killed by a gun.

• Could it simply be that America’s Parents haven’t read the Bible and haven’t taught their kids to obey & honor?

Our focus this morning by the Holy Spirit is caring for our kids…

• With all of the books & seminars, packets & pamphlets on raising kids… the Holy Spirit uses just 4 verses to lead us & teach us.

Maybe you’re not a parent this morning… well you’re still a kid.

• You’re a child of God, our faithful Heavenly Father.

• And as His children, we have the joy of relating to a father that never leaves us, never hurts us, and never gives up on us.

NOW Parents we have an awesome PRIVILEGE…

It has been said: Children will invariably talk, eat, walk, think, respond, and act like their parents. Give them a target to shoot at. Give them a goal to work toward. Give them a pattern that they can see clearly, and you give them something that gold and silver cannot buy.

• We have been given care of moldable, changeable, & unpredictable little persons who grow up so quickly!

YES… there are times, those difficult times when you might want to parent the way Mark Twain suggested:

When a kid turns thirteen, stick him in a barrel, nail the lid on top, and feed him through the knot hole. When he turns sixteen -- plug up the knot hole. But not even that plan will work. Neither you nor I have ever seen a teenager who could get enough food to survive through the knot hole of a barrel!

• We feed them, clothe them, house them…the PRACTICAL side.


• We feed them God’s Word, clothe them with prayers, and house them in a spiritual, God-honoring home…

Proverbs 22.6 Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it.

Dorothy Law Nolte once wrote down these thoughts…

If a child lives with criticism, He learns to condemn.

If a child lives with hostility, He learns to fight.

If a child lives with ridicule, He learns to be shy.

If a child lives with shame, He learns to feel guilty.

If a child lives with tolerance, He learns to be patient.

If a child lives with encouragement, He learns confidence.

If a child lives with praise, He learns to appreciate.

If a child lives with fairness, He learns justice.

If a child lives with security, He learns to have faith.

If a child lives with approval, He learns to like himself.

If a child lives with acceptance and friendship,

He learns to find love in the world.

So our attention is turned toward children and parenting…

Q: What voice are you obeying as a parent? Is it pop psychology? Is it the latest videotape series? Is it nothing at all? Are you flying by in life by the seat of your pants?

• There is a Book out there that will help you parent.

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