Summary: This sermon is written to remind us believers and non believers alike of our need not to be carried away by the activities of the Christmas season.

Topic: Preparing for Christmas

Text: Math. 2: 1-12.

By: Pastor: Dr. ’Sola ONI

Houston South Foursquare Church, 8001 South Kirkwood(by Beechnut) Houston, TX 77072


Preparations are being made here and there for the Xmas celebration. Our houses are being given a facelift with different kind of decors internal and external. We are already buying gifts etc, changing our ward robes, etc. and generally preparing for the celebration.

As we do all these I want to bring to your attention five keys things the Lord wants us to be conscious of and include in our preparations for the season. From our text this morning the five things are:

1. Seek for Him: verses 1 and 2

You might been saying to yourself “what does this man mean”? I already sought and not only know Him but also have a relationship with Him. What else does he want me to know about Him that I have not known? This morning, brothers and sisters I tell you that there are still more you have not known about Him. How do I know this?

From our text this morning we are told that Maggi or Wise men came from the East looking for Him. I begin to wonder within myself, these men are already wise, what else do they want? Obviously there must be something wonderful and important and which in spite of their wisdom they lack but which baby Jesus has. I know that those of us here this morning are highly intelligent and educated and wise; the Lord is telling me that there are still some things which you lack but which Jesus has. Look for that or those things in Jesus this season. John 3: 3 says Nicodemus a Pharisees and member of the Jewish ruling council who knows and obeys both the Jewish and God’s Laws came looking for Jesus to know and seek for what he lacked.

Therefore in this season, any wise person will seek for Jesus. Let us not be foolish but wise and seek for Him.

Isaiah 55: 6 says seek for Him while He may be found. He can still be found now, let us therefore be wise and seek for Him.

Any wise man or woman who has known or sought Him before will want to know more about Him. Nicodemus heard about Him before and yet he still went ahead to seek Him.

If there is any period of the year one need to seek for the Lord most is this season, because the Devil is also there preparing to rejoice. The Lord will not allow him to use us to rejoice in Jesus’ name.

2. Be strong and do not give up/Put discouragement behind you: verses 1b and 9.

The wise men were not discouraged of the time it will take them to go from Jerusalem to Bethlehem; they had traveled from the East to Jerusalem and yet could not find Him but they continue to look for Him until they found Him. The Lord says to you this morning “do not be discouraged” but continue to look for Him and as a wise man or woman you will find him. There is no one who looks for Him and fails to find Him; you cannot therefore be an exception.

As a wise person who has been looking for Him over these months and years you must not be discouraged in looking for Him. You might have been looking for Him and have never seen or experienced Him, this season make extra effort and put discouragement behind you and as a wise person, go a little further and you will find him because the wise men found Him. Nobody who put his hand into the plough and look back that is fit for the kingdom of God, Lk. 9: 62. Even the enemy of the Lord, Herod encouraged the wise men to look for Him, therefore be encouraged to look for Him more in this season.

3. Be joyful or joyous, verse 10

When the wise men saw Him they were overjoyed. Why? Because in Psm. 16: 11, the Bible says in His presence there is fullness of joy. Nobody ever come to His presence and become sad, you will not be sad this season. No matter what you have been going through as you put more effort in seeking for him this season you will be overjoyed. Your joy will be full.

In Lk. 2: 10, the angels that announced His birth to the shepherds said His coming brings news of great joy. You will hear and experience news of great joy in this season and beyond.

When the baby John the Baptist saw baby Jesus in the womb of Mary, he leaped for joy, you and your family will leap for joy this season in Jesus name.

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