Summary: Continuing with the Holy Spirit theme this sermon looks at the Rich Young Ruler (Mark 10:17-27). Jesus asks us to dethrone the gods in our lives so our hearts are prepared to be directed by the Spirit.

What we Believe Series

Preparing to be filled with the Holy Spirit – February 17, 2008

Acknowledge Dr. Henry Schorr (Mark 10:17-27 NIV)

o Were in series called what Christians believe about God the Father, Jesus the Son, the Holy Spirit, the Bible, Baptism and Spiritual gifts

o Were focusing on God the Holy Spirit

o Lord willing next week we’ll speak on ‘how to be filled with the Holy Spirit’

o But let me clear about one thing

o There is a world of difference between being baptized or receiving the Holy Spirit and being filled with the Holy Spirit

o The moment the person becomes a believer the Holy Spirit of God takes up residence within you (Romans 8:9B)

o That is called the baptism of the Holy Spirit (Matthew 3:11)

o The Apostle Paul wrote that if anyone does not have the Spirit of Christ, the Holy Spirit, he does not belong to Christ

o It is one thing for you to have the Holy Spirit

o It is an entirely different thing for the Holy Spirit to have you

o When your life is under the direction and control of the Holy Spirit of God then the Spirit of God has you

o That is what the Apostle Paul called ‘being filled with the Spirit’

o The Holy Spirit wants to release his power within us

o The Holy Spirit wants to transform us into a new person

o He wants us to be Christ like, living a Christ centred life

o The Holy Spirit wants to reveal his plan and purpose for our lives

o The Holy Spirit wants to use us to impact this area where we live

o But he can only do that to the extent that we are willing to transfer ownership and the direction of our life to his control

o We must yield our lives completely to Him

o A common strategy of marketing agencies is you can get something for nothing

o One time I received a call from a young lady

o She said congratulations you have won an all expenses paid trip for four to Disney World in Orlando Florida

o At first I was excited

o Little did I know that everyone won the trip

o They were attempting to sell time sharing

o Timesharing is expensive

o It is something I didn’t need and couldn’t afford

o That is the something for nothing philosophy

o Unfortunately this is also used in religious circles

o Some movements seem appealing

o They even have a flavor of Christianity

o One message is if you give a faith gift of $1000 or more – you will receive ten times more back

o The message is for a minimal investment there is a big payoff

o That type of message avoids the true cost of following Jesus

o Jesus did not promise automatic wealth, health and automatic happiness

o If wealth was automatic then why did Jesus say ‘the son of man has nowhere to lay his head?’

o What Jesus taught was there is a cost to following Jesus

o Jesus told us to count the cost of following him

o Most of us do not think seriously about that

o Sometimes we glibly say “Jesus I will follow you wherever you go”

o Have you ever felt that way?

o Have you ever had a power surge go through you where you thought Jesus I will do it all for you

o I know I have

o I will follow you anywhere

o Name the cost

o Count me in

o In my line of work people come and go

o Some in my past are remembered for their faithfulness and steady devotion to Christ – I still have connections with them

o We know them and they are still faithful to Christ and to his church

o Others are like a tsunami, gospel gurus with all the answers, wreaking destruction in their path wherever they go

o Others were once on fire for Christ

o You can count on me pastor

o I am an evangelist

o I am a giver

o I am a youth worker

o I am a student of the word

o Were home group leaders

o Whatever you need count me in

o Count on us as part of the team

o But today they are nowhere to be seen

o Often out of the church, often very critical of it

o Have you ever wondered why?

o Their original attitude was Jesus I will follow you anywhere

o Maybe it happened at a service

o Maybe at a Promise Keeper weekend

o Maybe after a message from a dynamic speaker

o Maybe after reading a shot in the arm book like Beth Moore’s ‘Breaking Free’

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