Summary: Advent message.We must be prepared and ready for the Christmas season. It takes determination and excercising our faith.

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Preparing to be prepared

Luke 1:1-25


This was prepared from resources from sermon central and private study.


It’s official Thanksgiving and Black Friday are behind us.

It is officially the Christmas season. Let the craziness begin.

Christmas music.

Christmas trees.

Christmas lights.

I saw Kevin and Becky on Friday, I didn’t stop because I was afraid they would ask me to have helped them, I mean I had some other business I had to do.

Purpose of this mornings message.

Prepare our hearts and our minds so that we do not forget the reason for the season.

The more vigilant you are about preparing for Christmas, the more you are about getting your heart in the right perspective, the more meaningful this Christmas will be for you and your family.

Another Christmas or this can be a time of refreshing your relationship with Jesus and others.

As Grace has read, this is a passage about the priest Zechariah and his wife Elizabeth having a child after in the natural it would be almost impossible.

It is one of many advent scriptures.

Advent is the 4 weeks before the Christmas miracle.

Ordinary people; Extraordinary God.

So we have to be careful what we call impossible. There are a whole lot of things that awhile back seemed impossible.

Marvel comics, as a kid, reading about flying space ships and in 1969, we land on the moon.

I remember the original Atari game. Tennis. Blip, Blip, Blip,. We thought it could not get any better that that. Now the games are so high tech, that most older folks cannot work them.

The computer, when I was in high school, learned on IBM cards put into this giant machine with holes in the cards for programing.

The first t.v., some of you remember. You thought impossible. Now most would think it impossible to live without it.

“Nothing is impossible with God”

During Advent,

we light candles, they do more than give light, they are a symbol of our faith.

We will be setting up the Nativity scene, it is not just because we always do it, it is a timeless reminder of God coming to redeem mankind, and more personal, you and I.

Advent is about ordinary people, in regular life circumstances, being transformed by God’s loving work.

You have to listen to the text

Zechariah and Elizabeth, married couple, obedient to God, record of good faith, faithful church goers.

Zechariah a priest, coming from great lineage of people.

Not able to have children (set backs, disappointments)

Understand this culture, that this was believed to be because of sin.

Luke tells us and shows us that bad things happen to good people, but he also shows us that ordinary becomes extraordinary when God shows up. That we cannot be quick to throw the word impossible around when we are believing God is involved.

Zechariah was going about his job.

Going about what he does everyday.

Zechariah was of the tribe of Aaron. The men of Aaron were priests. There was a lot of priest. So much that they were divided they believe into 24 divisions of priest who took their turns at praying and burning of incense in the temple.

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