3-Week Series: Double Blessing


Summary: First of a three part sermon series looking at the prayer of Jesus found in John 17. While a full manuscript is not available, a tape of the sermon can be obtained at no cost.

Reading of John 17:1-26

Sensed Purpose -

To prepare us for our 40 Days Of Prayer by looking at some possible thoughts of what we might want to remember about prayer and include in our prayers.

Utilizing the backdrop of Jesus Prayer versus The Lord’s Prayer.

Start with the message before the message –

A pastoral/leader/worship apology for “leading congregation to comfort for prayer.”

Illustrative flow –

• We tend to sit at that first opportunity in a service. Is that to help our focus, or for feel/comfort?

• My personal prayer life often involves getting comfortable. (home, office, library)

• Similar to sitting in the recliner with family at TV time, and making someone else let the dog out, because I’m comfortable.

• Responding the same way to God from my comfort.

• Contrast that to Jesus who was basically homeless.

• Went to the mountains to pray (Luke 6:12)

• This begins to beg the question: Can comfort decrease our concentration? Contrast of Jesus/disciples, Luke 22:39-46)

• Example of intensity in games at Rupp Arena sitting in the uncomfortable bleachers verses the comfortable Lower Level seats.

• Do we begin to only hear God in our “comfort” zone?

• Consider joining me in a self-invoked challenge of committing to leave my comfort zone during 40 Days Of Prayer with -

o Fasting

o Prayer Teams

o Daily Prayer Calendar

o The 1 Thessalonians challenge - Pray without ceasing

Out of the Comfort Zone - Into the Prayer

John 17 includes lots of conversational text, but only three requests.

Sub lesson – How is our prayer ratio of conversation with God versus requests for God.

Each idea repeated at least once.

Who are the petitions/prayers for?

Verse 9 - Those given to His care.

Important prayer focus, those given to our care:

At home, but also in ministry.

One Year Bible reading - Names on ephod (Exodus 28:5-12).

 Sunday School Teachers – for your class

 Small Group Hosts and Leaders – for your members

 Rusty & I - Upward basketball team

 Ministry Directors – for your volunteers

 Pastor – for the congregation (Connection Cards, Three for God Cards, etc.)

Modeled in the New Testament Church - Acts 6:1-4 (read)

Primary duties for those in positions of spiritual teaching & leadership:

Ministering the Word and prayer.

What are the petitions?

(See next sermon in series - Jesus Prayer Petitions. Full tape of message available at no charge by contacting contributor.)

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