Summary: Are you preparing today for the wonders that God wants to do in your life tomorrow? This look at Joshua 3:1-5 will help you learn how to follow God’s presence, consecrate yourself and learn how to see God’s amazing works.


•Man was created that can exist in the natural, materialistic realm and in the supernatural, spiritual realm. This is a very important concept for us to grasp.

•The Israelites are ready to cross the Jordan into the Promised Land.

•They received a great report from the two spies.

•They are ready to transition from wilderness wandering into inheritance living.

Main Body

Joshua 3

Camped at the Jordan (v. 1)

•They can see the Promised Land, their inheritance.

•They are in an eager anticipation for what lies ahead.

When you see the Ark of the Covenant (v. 2-4)

•Look for the presence of God (when you see the Ark).

oWe must live in anticipation for His presence; He will come.

•Follow the presence of God (be ready to move).

oWe have never been this way before.

oGod will lead us into uncharted terriority, if we are willing to follow Him.

•Revere the presence of God (follow at a distance).

oThe fear of the Lord is missing from the church today.

oBe careful not to grieve the Holy Spirit of God.

To the Jewish people, the Ark of the Covenant represented God’s presence and it was central to their system of worship. God’s presence has been made available to us individually and it must be the central focus of our lives.

Consecrate Yourselves (v. 5)

•Consecrate: dedicate, set yourselves apart, cleanse yourselves

oOne definition is to be tabooed.

oConsecration prepares us for the move of God.

•Everybody can consecrate themselves.

Ephesians 4:22-5:1

God will do amazing things (v. 5)

•Amazing things, wonders

oto do extraordinary or hard or difficult thing

oto be beyond one’s power, be difficult to do

Application (So What)

Each of us has an inheritance individually and each church in this city has an inheritance corporately. To live in this inheritance, we must prepare ourselves by:

•Looking for, following and revering the presence of God.

•Cleanse and set ourselves apart as God’s own treasured possession.

•Expect God to do things beyond our control.

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