3-Week Series: Double Blessing


Summary: How do you achieve the goal of knowing Christ?

#24, 9-23-07

Pressing Towards the Goal


What is your purpose for living?

Is it just to survive?

Is it just to enjoy your self?

Are you just floating aimlessly through life?

God has a higher purpose for us!

How can we know and achieve that purpose?

Text; Philippians 3:12-14

I. Have Dissatisfaction (v12a)

A. “Not that I have obtained it”

1. Paul was aware that he was not there yet.

2. He was not content to stay where he was in his spiritual growth

B. The danger of being satisfied

1. Pride blinds us to see our need for growth

2. Complacency puts us to sleep. Being satisfied with “good enough”

II. Have Determination

A. “I press on”, implies strenuous effort

1. Give it you best effort

B. Determine never to give up

Illustration; Florence Chadwich in 1952 was the first women to attempt to

Swim the 26 mile between Catalina Island and the California coast

III. Have Dependence

A. “Laid hold of by Christ Jesus”

1. God was working in him to enable him

2. A work of cooperation between God and man

B. We have God’s strength in us

IV. Have Direction

A. Know your goal

Illustration; News Day, 1929, Georgia Tech. was playing against California U.,

Roy Regals recovered a fumble for California U. and ran 65 yards but was

Tacked on the 2 yard line by his own team. He was going the wrong direction

B. Don’t look back “forget what lies behind” (v13b)

Illustration; Greg Foster in the 1984 Olympic Games was running in the 110

meter high hurdles. He was considered the favorite to win. During the race

he turned his head slightly to see how close behind the other runners

were. It cost him the race. He lost by only 100th of seconds

1. Forget the failures

2. Forget the achievements and successes

V. Have Discipline

A. “This one thing I do”

1. Paul had focused his concentration

2. It is the singularly focused people who succeed

B. Focus on your spiritual growth

What mountain do you need to climb? I’ll see you at the top!

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