Summary: Pressure is designed to squeeze out the treasure in the life of children of God.

Pressurised to progress

The book of Zechariah 13:9; says “I will bring the one-third through the fire, will refine them as silver is refined, and test them as gold is tested. They will call on my name, and I will answer. I will say, this is my people and each one will say the lord is my God.”

Today I would like to talk to those of you who are going about their daily life with pressure. You might be going through pressure right now but I want to minister to you if you are that person going through trial and tribulation. If you are experiencing pain and problems children of the Most High God the word of God says that you are experiencing pressure now so that you can progress in life, become successful and blessed.

You are being pressed down so that you can release the glory of God in your life, if you are that person just give praise to God. People are experiencing pressure in every area of their life; from friends and family, colleagues at work and so on. As you are trying to get yourself out from one problem another one rears its ugly head, as you are sorting one issue people bring out another to be resolved.

I would like you to know that no matter the problems you are going through your God is there fighting for you, God sometimes allow problems in our lives so that we can experience breakthrough and become closer to God, remember also that God says “I will not give to you more than you can bear” you’re being pressurised so that you can experience the glory of God in your life.

It does not matter what you are experiencing now because you’re not the only one that is having problems everyone else is going through similar or worse situation than yours. The reason why most Christians are going through problems is because their appointed time to move on has arrived. The appointed time to get to your promised land is now because the bible says the set time to favour Zion is now, the set time to favour your life is now that is the reason why you are going through that pressure. You do not have to ask God why? Why me? Let all those problems continue to mount at an ever increasing level only remember that God is with you all the way and if God is with you who can be against you and Paul said in the bible consider it a joy that you are suffering for the sake of Jesus Christ for the more the problems continue the more the glory of the Lord will shine upon your life.

Whatever problems or awful situations develop in your life continue to go about your normal task as usual; clothing yourself and looking good in appearance, do not be downcast to let people see that you are going through hardship always know that your problems will not kill you only you can kill yourself not your problems if you allow it. Your Lord will see you through all your problems be it; financial, marital, family, health or relationships because the bible says you will not die but shall live so that the glory of God will shine upon your life just like Job who went through gruesome and terrible problems of gigantic proportions but stayed loyal and faithful to God and was rewarded with three fold increase in all the things he lost including having a whole new set of children praise the Lord hallelujah!

Your God is more than able to deliver you from all your trials and tribulations that you are experiencing. Looking again at Zechariah 13:9; the Lord says “I will bring you through the fire” meaning you shall not die in your predicaments. Let me tell you children of God you are bound to go through pressure in so many ways and number of times as a believer, as long as you have chosen to serve the Lord and Jesus Christ you will certainly experience problems in your life, the enemy will wage war against you as long as you are a threat to the kingdom of the devil because you and your household have chosen to serve the Lord Almighty for as long as you live.

Pressure is designed to squeeze out the treasure in you, problems will make you refined as silver and because you have been tested as gold you will come out shining for the Lord will fight your battles for you. You become refined to your predetermined destiny. People want to be blessed but are afraid to go through fire we all want something good in our life but are we prepared to go through the troubles that that blessing will bring? You might be experiencing problems that has led to you losing your job, losing your home, can’t pay the bills or friends have deserted you keep praying and wait on the Lord for your God will see you through and its times like these that his glory will shine upon you.

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