Summary: as a believer we all have gifts that the Lord has given us to use for His glory and honor


1 PETER 2:9, Leviticus 8: 1-14


As we continue this morning as a church with our value series, I’m excited to speak to you about the PRIESTHOOD OF BELEIVERS

This is a topic that is really close to my heart and to see how God instituted the entire process

Who is a PRIEST here this morning?

Whenever the word priest is used is almost always associated with the Roman Catholic priest

When i personally think of the word, that’s what comes to mind first and i see a man dressed with black outfit and having a white collar around his neck

Personally i think that is a wrong view and a wrong portrait of a priest

I say that because it is not only the Roman Catholic minister who is the priest

It is not only the pastors or leaders who are priests

Every single person who has been saved through Jesus Christ is a priest – man and women

There is no division or exclusion, if you are saved this morning, then you are a priest in the kingdom of God

You’re just a child of God, but a priest

But in order for us this morning to fully understand this priesthood, we have to go back to the Old Testament

You see the Old Testament is a shadow of the New Testament

Most of the things spoken about in the New Testament bear reference to things that happened in the old

So getting an understanding of the Old Testament is vital in the life of the believer

If we speak as we speaking this morning about priests, what better place to go but to the Old Testament where it was first instituted by God

In the book of Leviticus provides a clear description of a priest and all that went into the process

This morning i want to touch on those things and hopefully provide a picture of who we are in Christ

• Chosen by God

• Cleansing

• Clothed

• Anointed


What’s important to see upfront that the priest was chosen by God

God told Moses to get Aaron and his sons

We don’t see Moses going amongst the people and trying to look for a suitable candidate

Moses doesn’t go and see who is the most intelligent amongst the people, or the most gifted

God chooses who will be priests, and he ordains the way their consecration shall proceed.

The selection and consecration of the priests is God's work, through the agency of Moses, from beginning to end

According to 1Peter 2: 9, “But you are a chosen people”.

You and i have been chosen by God

We didn’t wake up one morning and think to ourselves, well i need the Lord now

Maybe that happened, but it was not your own works as Ephesians 2:8 says, “it is by grace you have been saved, and this is not of yourselves, it is a gift of God so no-one can boast”.

Salvation belongs to our God

He drew us unto himself by His spirit

Even before the creation of this world, God chose you as he son or daughter

We are all chosen by God

You are here this morning by the Holy Spirit who led you here

Amongst the million/billion people in this world, amongst your family and friends – God chose you



Verse 6 speaks of one cleansing which is by water, but later in the chapter we see also the cleansing of by blood

Aaron and his sons had be cleansed before assuming the role as priests unto God

According to verse 14-19, Aaron and his sons placed their hands on the head of the bull and ram as they confessed their sins

Then the ram was killed and the blood sprinkled on the altar, sanctuary and also Aaron and his sons

This shows us today, that when God calls us or saves us, he then takes us through a process of cleansing

No person wills ever the kingdom or presence of God without being cleansed by the blood of Jesus

We lay our hand upon Christ, accept Him as our Substitute, trusting in that bloodshed for the remission of sins

Jesus is our answer and our only help

He is the way, truth and life, there is no other way into the kingdom of God except through Christ

This morning I’m not sure where you are, but have your sins been forgiven

Have you been cleansed in the blood of Christ?


According to verse 7 they were then clothed with special clothing

So after the cleansing they were clothed

These are not just any garments that Moses brings, God is very specific about what to bring (tunic,sash,ephod and robe)

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