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One to One Evangelism

Reading: John chapter 4 verse 1-30.

In our relationship with Jesus we need both to:

• Know him (We do that better by).

• Learn about him (Must always lead onto).

• Live like him.

• All 3 of those things are interwoven and out work themselves in this chapter;


"An unprejudiced mind is the rarest thing in the world"

• Unless you happen to be like the man who said:

• "I am not prejudiced, I hate everyone!"

If we are honest we will admit that we have prejudices:

• My prejudices may not be yours and yours may not be mine;

• But if we are honest we have them!

• And there has only ever been one man who was not - Jesus Christ.


• May be that is why D.L. Moody said:

• "The biggest argument against Christianity, is Christians"

• And yet Moody also said,

• "The biggest argument for Christianity, is Christians."

Because if we get close to Jesus, it will motivate us to;

• Be available for people (like Jesus .........).

• Accept people (like Jesus ........................).

• Win people (like ......................................).

Note: Jesus had at least 4 reasons to reject this lady:

• To be biased, to be prejudiced against her.

• But he breaks, cuts through them all;

(1). First reason he could have been prejudiced was racial:

• Verse 3: "He had to pass through Samaria"

• No self respecting Jew would go through Samaria, they hated each other


• Story of the Good Samaritan had such an impact.

• No such thing; ill: Honest thief!

• From centuries back there had been this feeling that the Samaritans had:

• Intermarried with other nations and they had corrupted their Jewish stock.

• These Samaritans were now half- breeds who had polluted and compromised their faith:

• They were despised by the Jews.

• This was land sandwiched between Judea to the south and Galilee to the north,

• Jews always went around Samaria, they would not voluntarily go through it.

Don’t forget Jesus was a Jew,

• He lived for thirty years with Jewish customs and Jewish ways.

• Throughout his life he constantly saw Jewish prejudices modelled as the norm!

• But Jesus did not take on board any of those prejudices:

• He was motivated by love for individuals – Jew, Gentile...even Samaritan!

• And so he breaks down the first barrier which was Racial:

• Verse 9:

"You are a Jew and I am a Samaritan woman. How can you ask me for a drink?" (for Jews do not associate with Samaritans.)”


• If you’ve got a pencil you can mark off 6 times in just five verses (verses 4-9):

• The words Samaritan or Samaria:

• The writer is wanting to get across a point,

• He is emphasising the fact Jews and Samaritans do not mix.

• Yet this Jew does mix with Samaritans!

• Because he saw beyond her national identity and saw the person!

(2). Social prejudice, social barrier (vs 7&27)

• Jesus was talking to a woman,

• Quote: “Big deal you say”, listen it was!


• Woman at the time of Jesus were not treated with any respect at all:

• A popular prayer each day was this one,

• "I thank you God that you have not made me a woman."


• The Pharisees, the religious people,

• Taught that men should not talk to woman on the street,

• Quote;

• "Let no man talk to a woman on the street no not even to his own wife, or daughter, or sister".

• And therefore never a Samaritan woman !!


• Don’t you just love verse 7: "And Jesus said to her".

• Jesus always treated woman as equals:

• He showed respect and courtesy to them and always had time for them.

• Maybe that is why they were his best followers!


• Verse 27:

• "When his disciples returned and were SURPRISED to find him talking to a WOMAN".

• Jesus was prepared to be misunderstood even by his own disciples;

• If it meant he could win this woman to Christ.

(3). Religious barrier, prejudice (Vs 19-20):

• More blood has been spilt over religion than perhaps anything else !

• ill: The very first murder in the Bible was Cain killing Abel over religion:

• That’s why I don’t preach religion, I preach a person - Jesus Christ !!

• Ill: Religion is man working his way up to God, Christianity is God coming down to man.


• Jesus points out to her it is not "Where" but "How" we approach God that’s important;

• And he goes on to say "It is by how you come" that counts.

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