Summary: How to deal with your problems

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Problems, Problems, Go Away

Proverbs 1:1-7

All of us have problems from time to time. It would be great if Modern science could develop some sort of pill that a person could take and all of their problems would vanish

away. Now some folks think that drugs and alcohol are the answers to life’s problems. However, they only create a different and many times more serious set of problems.

Many people run from their problems, while others will deny that they even exist. "No Problem" has become a very popular saying, but it just isn’t true. Tonight I want us to consider how to deal with problems properly. Many Christians have been taught that the way to deal with problems is to pray them away. Now, prayer is a very important part of the Christian’s life, but it isn’t the way that we should handle our problems. Some will teach that with enough faith we can be free from all problems, stress, illness, and disappointment. But when we start believing this line, spirituality starts being measured by our lack of problems instead of our response to them. However, we must turn to the Word of God for the answers to life’s problems and the way we should deal with them.

I. Principles About Problems.

A. It is incorrect to think that once you come to Christ, all of your problems will be solved. Just because you come to know Jesus does not mean your problems will go away. Just because you can shout does not mean the Devil will back off of you. Just because you can quote scripture does not mean that your issues will fade away.

1. Jesus never made that promise, and it is terribly wrong for anyone to make that claim.

2. The very opposite is true.

3. Jesus said, "...In the world ye shall have tribulation..." cf Jn. 16:33

"In the world people will talk about you still"

"In the world people will lie on you still"

"In the world people will turn thier backs on you still"

"In the world people will rob you of your joy."

But just hold on, the best is yet to come

B. It is incorrect to believe that all problems are the result of God’s chastening hand because of sin.

1. God does chasten His children when they disobey Him.

2. However, many times God allows problems into our lives to mature us and to make us more like Christ.

He brings you trials to make your strong.

He brings you trials to teach you how to keep your

head up.

He brings you trials to let you know the devil is a


He brings you trials in order to build your testimony

Because when you have made it through one trial, you can make it through another one. Once God brings you out and help somebody else get out.

C. It is incorrect to believe that exposure to Biblical instruction alone will result in the removal of problems.

1. This is no more the answer to our problems than prayer.

2. The Word of God is not some magic wand that will cause the clouds to clear and the storms of life to cease!

3. Example: Just because you say the Lord’s Prayer in times of trouble does not mean your problems will end right then.

4. Note: Mt. 7:24-27

a. Both the fool and the wise man are exposed to the sayings of Jesus.

b. The difference between them is that the wise man is a doer of the Word.

c. Jas. 1:22, "Be ye doers...and not hearers only..."

I want to leave you with just three things that will help you with your problems:

1. Pray

2. Have Faith

3. Be a Doer of the Word

The Bible says, "They that wait on the Lord will renew thier strength, They will mount up on the wings of eagles, they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not faint."

If I wait on the Lord, then my problems will work themselves out.

If I wait on the Lord, he will give me more strength.

If I wait on the Lord, he will give me peace in the midnight hour.

If I wait on the Lord, he will calm my nervous spirit.

If I wait on the Lord, my problems will not only have to give me 50 feet but they will give me all the room I need.

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