Summary: Time is so short, bible prophecy is happening every day, right in front of our eyes on the news. The only thing that matters in this world, is what we do for Jesus,

Proclaiming Christ in P.C. World

If I were to ask you today to tell me about tell me what your favorite things to do were and what made you happy...

Would you be able to do it quickly… And give me a response immediately, or would you have to think about it for awhile..because maybe you hadn't thought about

what truly makes you happy...for a while.

It’s a sad fact of life today, but there are a lot of unhappy people out there in this world..

We should be…happy

Living in the year 2015…

All the modern gadgets we have…

All the medications we have available to us...

All the things that we have that our parents never had or never dreamed of having...

But you see all those things… Are man-made things

And those things bring happiness for a while…but at best are only temporary

Psalms 43:5 NLT

Why am I discouraged? Why is my heart so sad? I will put my hope in God! I will praise him again--my Savior and my God!

You see David… By all accounts most people would consider him to have had it all.

By all accounts he had about as an exciting life that was humanly possible..

He Slew Giants, conquered Kingdoms and nations, had riches, was an accomplished

Musician... He Was Blessed!

But we read here that he was discouraged and sad, however he knew the remedy.

He gave us great advice...when he said

"I will put my hope in God! I will praise him again--my Savior and my God!"

There is truly nothing to be discouraged about in this life that we live, if He is part of it!

And that’s the the worlds despair

Maybe they've never heard, forgotten, or have just chosen

To not make Him a part of their life...

But a relationship with God through His amazing Son Jesus is still the key

To happiness in a persons life..

You may not realize it..but you are only one of the cast members..

JESUS has to have the lead role,

the starring part and be your main focus, to experience real and lasting happiness and contentment..

Oh sure things happen...and the scrip may have an occasional

Rewrite now and then...but there is not one thing in any of our lives

that can’t be overcome with the Lord’s help.

*He is an overcoming,

*death defying,

*problem solving,

*grace giving,

*all forgiving,

*Amazingly Awesome Good God!

And all those things fall short and are an understatement...

In the description of our Lord and Savior!!!

As Christians, we of all people should be happy about our lot in life..

And if we're not..why aren't we?

We should be ecstatic!, we have been forgiven of all our sins..

Past, present and future and made an heir..

A brother or sister of Jesus..

A child of the most high God!!

With the same things at our disposal..that Jesus has at His disposal...

Only by the precious grace, Gods gift of Jesus...that He sent to us, oh so long ago.

It makes you wonder, Why in the world aren’t more people able to get their hands around this,

Life giving, Life changing message, Jesus has given to whosoever will believe!

A message, that was so important for God to get to us, that He was willing to sacrifice and give up, His one and only Son, so we could have it!

Only the blood of Jesus was able to overcome and conquer the sin of the world!

Everything that we have, every benefit we enjoy, everything good that’s ever happened in our lives, we owe to the selfless act of Jesus.

THANK YOU JESUS!! Can you give Him an Amen this morning?

We don’t fight for victory today, but we fight from His Victory and Praise the Lord, He was Victorious!

And we must remember that when were in the struggle

Jesus has already been there, defeated that struggle and been victorious for us...

in and over every situation we will ever encounter.

With all of the technological advancements that keep coming about in the world,

we often think , about how much better we have it today, then our parents had it, so long ago.

Yet we find, we still face many of the same things they encountered back then, like discouragement, loneliness and fear.

The same old bag of tricks, the accuser was using back then, he is still using today, thing is, he has a lot more streams of media available to him now.

Twitter, Facebook, the Internet...everything we have..he has

Whoever thought it would be seen around the world… A Christian

beheaded on national TV or video...because of their beliefs????

Or multiple Christians shot for not renouncing Christ???

Discouragement Defined; to make somebody less optimistic: to make somebody feel less motivated, confident, or optimistic.

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