Summary: Luke introduces this section by spelling out that signs and wonders had been performed by the Apostles, which were the orders of the day for Apostles ministry. Peter had become an icon of healing.

Acts 5:12-26 Progress of the Church

5:12-16 Apostles Perform Miracles

5:17-19 Apostles Persecuted for Gospel

5:20-26 Apostles Preach the Word

Acts 5:12-16 Apostles Perform Miracles

St Luke introduces this section spelling out that signs and wonders had been performed by the Apostles, which were the orders of the day for Apostles ministry. St Luke then moved on to focusing on the mission of Peter. He records that Peter had become an icon of healing. Even his shadow healed their sickness, which we never witnessed in the ministry of Christ. The promise of Jesus about faith that whoever beliefs in him will do great works than what Jesus had performed. It has become true (John 14:12). Peter served the needy and sickly with the power of God. He relieved all those who had tormented by evil spirits. There was a fear within the church of the spiritual authority enjoyed by Apostles, and even the public had dared not to join them. So, there was high regard among all, of their moral, spiritual, and ethical values. The result was many men and women believed in the Lord, and the new members had joined in with salvation experience with the desire to grow in sainthood.

Acts 5:17-18 Apostles Persecuted for Gospel

Apostles had followed Jesus Christ; they did what was pleasing to God. Their sincere love and devotion to God had brought many to the fold of Christ. There was a threat to the existing religious group, so-called Priests, and spiritual heads were doing things which were traditional in practices, without relevance, without touching the hearts of the people, and without attraction to the young, old, needy, and neglected. There had been an established religious system to feed the religious leaders and other larger groups who had their support for survival but without progress and spiritual benefits. So, St Luke writes that the high priest and all his associates had filled with jealousy. It is natural because of their fear of survival. Hence they abused their conferred power than obeying the Holy Spirit and respecting the power from above.

Acts 5:19-26 Apostles Preached the Gospel

Luke narrates an exciting incident during the night of their Arrest. An angel of the Lord opened the doors and brought them out. However, the guards of the Prison were standing, and the doors had kept under lock. It was an absolute miracle. The twelve were passing through the gates of the Prison; they had free movement in the city. Angel had given them a command to go to the Temple courts and declare the full message of this new life. The Full Gospel or full message refers to the incarnation of God in the form of Jesus Christ, the Love of God expressed by the compassion of Jesus Christ, and the new life eternal promised to all those who believe in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Further, Luke records that in early morning Apostles were preaching the Good News to all those who had come to worship the Lord. It is a proven fact that more striking in an Iron rod sharpens it for better use. The accelerated persecution, threats, and sufferings had strengthened their ministry. They marched with boldness like an army; they had trained under the mighty Lord, the Lord of Hosts.


1. Role of Signs wonders and Miracles with the positive and negative character in the faith process.

2. Role of Persecution in the expansion of the Kingdom of God – what are the types of persecution Indian Christians go through for following Christ.

3. “Full Message of Life” – what does it mean?

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