Summary: Living a Saved Life

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As I began preparing for today’s message I opened my hymn book and it opened to page 280 – O Jesus, I have promised. I don’t know the tune of this song…didn’t even know it was in the hymn book but was amazed by the words that lay within it especially since the Holy Spirit had already given me the topic. The words go like this: O Jesus, I have promised to serve thee to the end. Be thou forever near me. My master and my friend. I shall not fear the battle. If thou art by my side. Nor wander from the pathway, If thou wilt be my guide. Look at the first stanza – the author promises to serve the Lord until His last breath. A promise to live a life according to the word not according to his own will. Lord I promise to do what I told you I would do. The scripture lesson let’s us know that the Lord expects those of us who profess salvation, those of us who state we are saved, those of us who say we chose Jesus, that we keep His commandments, or keep our promise. My question to you this morning is are you a Promise keeper or a promise breaker? Now a true expression of love is the actions that we take. How many of us has fallen in love and wanted that person to know just how much we loved them. We promised some things that even as they fell off our lips – we knew we couldn’t live up to our promise. Now when we broke those promises, the person we made them to felt hurt and betrayed. We felt hurt and disappointed with ourselves when we realized we were not promise keepers but instead we were promise breakers. Turn to some one and ask them if they kept their promise. Now a few years ago a group was formed by a group of men called “THE PROMISE KEEPERS”. Now they simply made a vow to God that they would do all they could do be all they could in the Christian army. They promised to be real men of God. Provide what they could. Take responsibility for what the should. Supply what they ought. And not do what they should not. A conference held yearly in different places where men come together and praise and worship God. Thanking Him, Honoring Him. Worshiping Him. Praising Him. Laying before Him. Vowing to be what He actually expected them to be doing in the first place. They promised to keep their promises to God – naming themselves the Promise Keepers. Now let’s look at ourselves for a moment or two. When we first joined the church, we promised God we would stay in touch with Him daily. We promised Him that we would read His word. We promised Him we would obey His will. We promised Him we would fellowship with other people of God on a regular basis. We promised the pastor we would be in the house as often as the door was open doing whatever we could giving and supporting as the Lord has blessed us. When we get into trouble, we make promises to God. Lord if you get me out of this I promise I will never do this again. Lord if you let me make it through I will never go back to that again. Lord if you fix this problem I promise I will go to church 24/7. Lord if you heal me I promise to give up the stuff that makes me sick. Lord if you mend this relationship, I promise I don’t have to have the last word. Lord if you pay that bill, I promise I won’t spend my money of stuff that only is detrimental to me. Lord if you get me out of the cell, I promise I will never sell drugs or sell my body again. Lord if you just let me get back on my feet, I promise I will never do drugs or drink till I can’t function ever again. Lord if you do…..Lord I promise I will…But as soon as the problem is over, as soon as the circumstance has been elemanated, as soon the storm passes over and we think God has forgotten about – we are back in the same stuff doing the same junk stuck in the same stank we were in before.

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