Summary: This sermon takes you to believe in the Word of God, especially the Promise of God which led you to the redemption experience. The Lord one who called you out of darkness will lead you to the end. just believe him and wait upon his Word and time.

Psalm 105:15-22


This psalm is ascribed to the authorship of David. The psalmists sing about the history of his forefathers. He remembers the unchanging promises of God, the power of God. he cites the examples from patriarch and the great man Joseph. Though he is descendant of Judah yet he praises the sufferings and the struggles of Joseph. He brought out many new things from his perspectives on the faithfulness of God. This sermon focuses on the unfailing Promises of God, the ways of the Lord to fulfil his promises and the Time of God to intervened and to bless us.

v.15 God’s word:

The Lord declares that he had given three-fold anointing to descendants of Abraham. Priests-prophets-kings. For many generations many kings, rulers and tyrant people wanted to destroy but could not succeed because of the Promises of God. Hell can’t prevail against the Church. Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were not anointed in literal sense with oil but they were separated for God from multitudes of the Wicked (Mollerus,2018). God warned Abimelech because of Abraham, neighbours were warned because of Isaac, Laban was warned because of Jacob. Though they were few in number (W. Wilson,2018) in midst of the kings and rulers of this world yet they were highly honoured because they were anointed. "The prophecy came not in old time by the will of man: but holy men of God spoke as they were moved by the Holy Ghost” 2 Pet.1:21. God calls for famine and crops (Eze.36:29, Mt.8:8,9).

v.16-18. God’s Ways:

Though Joseph was sold but here he records that God sent Him (v.17). The promises of God are interwoven with the Time of God. God is not the God of Magic, but God of reality, God of Miracles, God of transformation and revolution. God allows the process of fine tuning. The life of Joseph who was born as 11th Son of Jacob and first son of Rachel was absolute plan of God. sold as slave, became slave of state officer, made prisoner (with fetters at the feet, hanged with chains) under special State prison, introduced to King’s cup bearer and finally to King as interpreter of dreams. God sent him, he brought him in all these ways of Life and not he was Sold without the concern of God. Everything was plan of God (Gen.45:5). puts, that at the end, Joseph was decorated with king’s dress and ornaments, and given exotic ride through the streets of Egypt. If we suffer for God, if we live under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, if we patiently wait for the time of God. We will be exalted, honoured (Ps.149:9) (Thomas Adams,2018). Joseph was being beloved of his father Jacob but severely hated and suffered because of his brethren but exalted to the top all because everything was under the control of God, everything worked out for good (Rm.8:38) (Samuel Eyles Pierce, 1817). Joseph’s soul was afflicted though the body was chained. He had to go through loneliness, heartlessness of the World, inhuman treatments (Andrew dukes, in "The Types of Genesis", 1858).

v.19-22 God’s time:

Fulfilment of the promises of God demands two things one is secret belief of the receiver and the purposes of God’s discipline.

Joseph was the Chief butler. What is the duty of a butler or waiter – “Waiting”. How long till the orders come from Guests, till thee utter a word? “A delayed blessing of God tests men, and proves their metal, whether their faith is of that precious kind which can endure the fire” (Website, 2018). Time of God exalted him as Chief Senator, chairman of the king’s private Council. All the officer’s senators had made vow by an oath that they will obey him in all matters. Joseph became expert economist, advisor to the state political economy. Gen41:44 says that no hand to foot shall move (to wit, in affairs of state, at home, in foreign embassies, abroad) without Joseph's order, he was the king's plenipotentiary (Christopher Ness, 2018). Time for everything (Eccl.3:11). Time of Help (Ps. 69:13, 102:13, Is.49:8, 2 Cor.6:2). Appointed Time (Rm.9:9, Gen.17:21,21:2, Ex.9:5, Eccl.8:6), time of Healing (Jer.8:15), visiting time (Jer 50:31). Days of Justice (Hos.10:12), Spring time (Lk.21:30). Reformation time (Heb.9:10). Ps.31:15 our times are in his hand, Ac.1:7 not to know the times.

May the Good Lord help you to trust His word, accept his ways and wait for his appointed Time. God bless you, Amen.

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