Summary: The technical name for this proof is the 'Transcendental Proof for the Existence of God.' It shows that it is impossible for God not to exist because you cannot have objective truth, morality, knowledge, reason, or science w/o God.

What would you say to me if I told you that I do not believe in “words.” More than likely you are thinking, “Are you kidding me? That is foolish. You don’t believe in words? Come on! That is ridiculous!”

Everyone believes that words exist. It would be foolish to pull out a dictionary and to try to prove to the person that makes such a claim that words exist. It is clear that He is, as we examined last month, suppressing a truth that is evident to all. He is a fool. He instead needs to be shown how foolish and contradictory such a claim is. It is self-refuting. You cannot claim that words do not exist without using them. This is what we must show this person to show them how ridiculous a statement this is.

What do we say when someone says they do not believe in God? Do we respond in the same way? Not usually. Usually we respond by trying to give a list of evidences to the truth that God exists, when the Bible says that they already know that God exists. Instead, we should be responding with the same attitude that we would respond with if someone said they didn't believe in words. Just as the person who is suppressing the truth about the existence of words, so to is the one who claims that God does not exist. Remember what God says in Romans 1 (which we looked at last week)? Everyone is without excuse for rejecting the God they know exists. They are foolish for doing so.


This subject will be what we study today. I have titled this sermon, "Proof that God Exists." The proof that I will show this evening is not like the arguments that we would commonly hear people use to prove God exists, such as the Cosmological Argument, The Design Argument, etc. I don't use these arguments, because these arguments for God are not designed to prove the God of the Bible, just that a God exists. Most people that use them even make this point. At the beginning of their lessons on these topics, they usually begin by saying two things:

1. I am not attempting to prove the Biblical God, just that a God exists

2. That we need to begin on neutral ground, assuming first that God does not exist, and then show through their arguments that it is more probable that a God exists

Starting your arguments for the existence for God in this way is just plain unbiblical. We have no Biblical basis to begin any of our arguments in defending the faith on neutral ground. The opposition sure doesn't do this, and we shouldn't either. Remember what Peter says in 1 Peter 3:15? He just doesn't say that we need to be ready to give a defense to those who ask for a reason for the hope that is within us. This is only the second part of the verse. The first part of the verse says that we must sanctify Christ as Lord in our hearts, and then give a ready defense. Can you tell me how we sanctify Christ as Lord in our arguments when we begin by assuming that He is not Lord? We don't! Just as all of the Apostles and Prophets of old, we need not be ashamed that we have the truth. We must begin with the belief, just as they did, that Jesus is Lord and God, teach the truth, and call men to repentance.

The argument that I am going to show this evening is my favorite because this is what the argument does. It begins with the presupposition that Jesus is Lord and shows the unbeliever that they cannot make sense of one argument that they make unless God does exist. Their argument is self-refuting. You cannot live as though God does not exist no matter how much you believe this to be the case! You must borrow from the Christian worldview to make any arguments against God.

So the proof that God exists that I will be giving tonight: The proof that God exists is that without Him, you cannot know or prove anything! [1]

Saying that God does not exist or even asking for proof that God exists, presupposes the existence of many things that you cannot account for if God does not exist:

• Objective Truth and Morality

• Knowledge

• Reason and Logical Absolutes

• Uniformity/Science

I could do a full sermon on each one of these topics, but for the sake of time I cannot. You can get more information on these topics by going to the "Ultimate Proof" section of my website.

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