Summary: What is special about Jesus - His coming was not chance but foretold by the Prophets


Prophecies over Christ.

Christos: Gk: The Anointed One

Messiah: Heb: The Anointed One

There are two main streams of MESSIANIC PROPHECY in the OT:

Prophecies of a KINGLY MESSIAH c.f. Zech. 6:12-13

Prophecies of a SUFFERING MESSIAH c.f. Isaiah 53: 1-10.

I am not going to touch on this subject today. I want to look at the prophecies given on the LIFE of the MESSIAH and HOW they were fulfilled.

It is a critical question that Christ asks: But who do YOU say that I am (Matt. 16:15).

The Salvation that Chrsit brings was not merely an afterthought of the Godhead but was well thought out and stategically planned.

Amos 3:7.

God reveals his plans to his prophets. The Coming of Christ was foretold in the Old Testament in a number of places. Tonight I am presenting them to you so that our faith can be built up.

Please will you look up each verse and write it in on your paper.

I have broken this down into TEN headings:

1. His Background

a) His Humanity: Seed of Woman

Foretold Gen. 3:15

Fulfilled Gal: 4:4

b) Lineage

Offspring of Abraham

Foretold Gen 18: 18

Fulfilled Acts 3:25

Offspring of Isaac

Foretold Gen 17.19

Fulfilled Matt 1:2

Offspring of Jacob

Foretold Num. 24:17

Fulfilled Luke 3:34

Offspring of David

Foretold Is:9:7

Fulfilled Matt.1:1


Geneologies: Gideon Miller’s testimony - How a Jew found Christ through the Geneologies! Since the destruction of the Temple in AD 70 and all the records at the same time, no one can prove their ancestry to David (or for that matter to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob). God put it into Matthew and Luke’s heart to record this for prosterity.

c) Of the Tribe of Judah

Foretold Gen. 49:10

Fulfilled Luke 3:33

2. His Birth

a) Born of a Virgin

Foretold Isaiah 7:14

Fulfilled Matt 1:8


A Key verse. Perhaps this is why people ridicule it. But Christ was without sin and as we know from science none of his blood would have been mixed during birth with that of his mother’s. His blood was therefore pure.

b) His Birthplace - Bethlehem Ephrathah (in Judea)

Foretold Mic 5:2

Fulfilled Matt: 2:1

c) Slaughter of Infants was prophesied at His Birth

Foretold Jer. 31:15

Fulfilled Matt 2:16

d) Escape to Egypt

Foretold Hosea 11:1

Fulfilled Matt 2:14

3. His Ministry

a) In Galilee

Foretold Is. 9:1-2

Fulfilled Matt 4: 12-16

b) His prophetic ministry

Foretold Deut. 18:15

Fulfilled Jn 6:14 /Luke 7:16

c) Melchizedek’s Priesthood

Foretold Ps. 110:4

Fulfilled Hebr. 6:20

d) Hated without a cause

Foretold Ps. 69:4

Fulfilled John 15:23-25

4. Characteristics prophesied about Christ

a) Full of Wisdom

Foretold Isaiah 11:2

Fulfilled Luke 2:52

b) A man of prayer for his enemies

Foretold Ps. 109:4

Fulfilled Luke 23: 34

c) Suffered vicariously

Foretold Is. 53:4-5

Fulfilled Matt. 8:16-17

5. Final Week of His Life

a) Triumphal entry into Jerusalem on a donkey.

Foretold Zech. 9:9

Fulfilled Jn. 12:13-14


The Liberator of Jerusalem from the Turks at the end of the 1st World War, General Allenby was a Christian. He rode up to the edge of Jerusalem on his horse and dismounted and walked into the city. He did not feel worthy to ride his horse into Jerusalem when Christ merely rode a donkey.

b) Betrayed by a friend

Foretold Ps. 41:9

Fulfilled Mk. 14:10


Christ has gone through so much that he is able to sympathise with our difficulties.

c) Sold for 30 pieces of Silver

Foretold Zech. 11:12-13

Fulfilled Matt 26:15 /Matt 27:3-10

d) Money returned to the House of the Lord

Foretold Zech 11:13

Fulfilled Matt. 27:3-10


I think this is also an indirect prophecy that the priests of the Temple would be involved in the death of the Messiah.

e) Judas’ position taken by another

Foretold Ps. 109:7-8

Fulfilled Acts 1:18-20

6. His Trial

a) False accusations

Foretold Ps. 27:12

Fulfilled Matt. 26:60-61

b) Silent when accused

Foretold Isaiah 53:7

Fulfilled Matt. 26:62-63

c) Struck and spat on

Foretold Isaiah 50:6

Fulfilled Mark 14:65/15:17/Jn 19:1-3/18:22

7. His Death

a) Crucified with sinners

Foretold Isaiah 53:12

Fulfilled Matt.27:38

b) Hands and feet pierced

Foretold Ps. 22:16/Zech 12:10

Fulfilled Jn 20:27

c) Mocked and insulted on the Cross

Foretold Ps.22:6-8

Fulfilled Matt. 27:39-40

d) Given Gall and Vineagar

Foretold Ps. 69:21

Fulfilled Jn. 19:29

e) His side pierced

Foretold Zech.12:10

Fulfilled Jn 19:34

f) Lots cast for his clothes

Foretold Ps. 22:18

Fulfilled Mk. 15:24

g) Not a bone broken

Foretold Ps: 34:20

Fulfilled Jn 19.33

8. His Burial With the rich

Foretold Isaiah 53:9

Fulfilled Matt. 27:57-60

9. His Resurrection

Foretold Ps. 16:10

Fulfilled Matt 28:9

10. His Ascension

Foretold Ps. 68:18

Fulfilled Luke 24:50


These are tremendous prophecies and I hope will strengthen our faith in God’s divine planning.

Recommended reading. Isaiah 53, Psalm 22, Zechariah 9 and Matthew 26-28.

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