Summary: How to have a prosperous course of life.

Years ago, 2004 was just a part of our thoughts and

vision, now it’s an important part of our course of

life. We praise and thank God for everything. He made

all things beautiful and wonderful for His honor and


New Year’s Day is a remarkable day of hope, freedom

and thanksgiving. It has been said and accepted, “The

best is yet to come.” We look forward for better

things, we have the freedom to think and decide for

ourselves, but most of all, God has given us a joyful

opportunity to give thanks unto Him for His greatness,

mercy, grace and faithfulness.

Different people from different parts of the world

celebrate New Year’s Eve with different customs and

traditions according to their own beliefs and

practices, but they have one thing in common, all

rejoice for that memorable and blessed Eve. New Year

gives cheer to everyone. Despite the uncertainties of

the future, all look for hope, peace and joy. All

people want progress in many ways. Nations of the

world cry for peace, prosperity and security.

Political, financial and military progress and

stability are well-dreamed by all nations. Big and

small corporations want good public image and

advancement for their products and services. They want

to improve their marketing strategies and position

themselves for a curve advantage. Organizations of all

kinds surely look for better standing and performance.

Even small organizations desire to go global and take

advantage of what high technology could offer for the

betterment of their worldwide presence. People of all

races crave for better identity and acceptance. Truly,

every man looks for prosperity this year 2004.

Prosperity is a well-loved word today, a well-spoken

word everywhere, but the clarity of its substance is

not well-defined. In III John 2, Apostle John

said, “Beloved, I wish above all things that thou

mayest prosper and be in health, even thy soul

prospereth.” What caring words from John to Gaius. He

was not talking of prosperity as most people express

today, but he was concern of more essential things.

Physical health is an unquestionably treasure of a

living man. A rich man with a poor health depicts an

imbalance wealth. A poor man in his good health is

better than a half dead rich man. But Apostle John was

more interested on spiritual prosperity than other

kinds of progress.

Spiritual prosperity is always crowded out from the

minds of many and is always set aside in favor of

material prosperity. As we study Joshua 1:8, we will

realize that the “way prosperous” is not what

most men have in mind, which is material success.It is

more of prosperous course of life. What is written in

Joshua 1:8 is a guide for us so we may understand and

focus our eyes of faith on more valuable things

related to intelligence and wisdom which we can use

in our course of life. God wants us to be equipped

with spiritual knowledge, understanding and wisdom.

These essential things lead us to spiritual maturity

and shape us to be courageous and hope for more

victories as we take our journey in the path of faith.

Spiritual success should be desired rather than

worldly success. Putting God first in our daily lives

will not deprive us earthly success, but assuredly, it

is a turning point to gain all good victories.

Attaining good success in life is promised and written

in the Holy Bible, therefore, we should not put aside

what God said concerning true success.

How to have a prosperous course of life:

(I) We Need The Word Of God

Joshua 1:8

-As a part of our speech

-As a part of our thought life

-As a part of our action

-As a part of our faith

-As a part of our vision

No man could live a decent life and no Christian could

live a separated life, without the Word of God to

guide him as he lives in this wicked and dying world.

God’s Word energizes our faith. It leads us to walk in

the right path and guards us from the deceitfulness of

sin. The Word of God stirs our heart to know the true

value of true wisdom and live by her in the fear of

the Lord.

(II) We Need Strength And Courage

Joshua 1:9

-We need physical and spiritual strength

-We need inner strength

It is written in Isaiah 40:30-31, Even the youths

shall faint and be weary, and the young men shall

utterly fall: But they that wait upon the LORD shall

renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings

as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they

shall walk, and not faint.

True strength cannot be measured by carrying visible

and heavy loads or by how a man puts down his

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