Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Small group study--kids or young adult, I actually used it with the kids and adults, so parents and child could communicate at home on the Bible. Built around a mystery of wisdom missin from lives, went all the way through Proverbs this is the first less

The first 7 verses of Proverbs are the most crucial to comprehending this book. In these verses Solomon states the purpose for Proverbs, but he also gives us the starting point for attaining knowledge and apprehending Wisdom. Never lose sight of Solomon’s purpose or beginning; for if you do gumshoes, you will be farther away from wisdom than when you started your quest. As we will see in this briefing:

“The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge.”

As with any witness, you need to check and see how reliable that witness is. Can you believe what the witness is saying?

1. Find the name of a witness in verse 1. Solomon

2. Can you find at least 7 purposes for Proverbs?

a. To know wisdom and instruction

b. To perceive the Words of understanding

c. To receive the instruction of wisdom, justice, judgment, & equity

d. To give subtlety to the simple

e. To give the young man knowledge and discretion

f. To understand a proverb and the interpretation of it

g. To understand the words of the wise and their dark sayings

3. Define the word wisdom.

Skillful—Knowledge and good judgment based on

experience—an experience with Jesus Christ

4. Define the word knowledge.

Cunning discernment—Clear and certain mental perception

5. Define the word instruction.

Teaching or education, reproof

6. According to verse 7 where does knowledge begin?

The Fear of the LORD

That word fear in verse 7 has the idea of reverence. The definition of reverence is, “A feeling of deep respect, mixed with wonder and awe, and love.” This means that for us to find wisdom we must start with a relationship and it must be with the LORD. We must experience the LORD before we can get knowledge, which will lead us to wisdom.

We need to do some analysis and find out who is this LORD Solomon is speaking of? Let’s analyses the following verses and see if we can get some clues to his identity.

7. According to these verses who is the LORD? Jesus Christ

All right gumshoes, its time for us to hit the streets; this LORD JESUS is definitely the key to finding knowledge. So, here is your assignment for this week. Get with your precinct this week, talk about this LORD JESUS, and see what you come up with.

Here is a list of questions to ask. Do not forget to write down what your precinct comes up with. Next week we will get together with the Wisdom Task Force (WTF) and see what we have found out. (Use back of form for more writing space.)

1. Who is the LORD Jesus? _______________________________________

2. Have you ever experienced Him? ______________________________________________________________________________

3. Why is a relationship with the LORD JESUS CHRIST necessary for you and I to understand knowledge and find wisdom? _____________________________________________________________________________

Next as a precinct read I Kings chapter 3; (You read a bit and then let someone else read a bit.) Discuss what this chapter deals with and write down any observations that you or your precinct sees.

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