Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: In the midst of this crisis, who’s fault is it, are we part of it? Does God wants something from us? Or is this just a test?

Genesis 22:1-14

1. The presence of God

"...after these things, that God di tempt Abraham..." vs. 1

Jesus is all we need. He is the only satisfaction of our soul, our lives.

2. The problem of God

"...thine only son Isaac, whom thou lovest..." vs. 2

"Isaac" could be our job, our money, our career, our business, our finances, our family, or ourself, or things that diverts our love from God. Needless to say that Abraham was depressed when God asked him to offer up his son. He have waited grom God to give him a son, then God is taking Isaac back from Abraham? Just like us, our job, our career, our finances, etc, seems to be taken away from us. We have studied hard, spent years to have that job, then in a sudden, God wants to take it back. It is probably because it has robed us from our commitment and our love to the Lord. God doesn’t want a competition when it comes to our love to Him.

3. The place of God

"...into the land of Moriah..." vs. 2

We need to go back to the place where God wanted us to be. We need to go back to the place of our prayer, where God is our priority, where He is our first love!

4. The promise of God

"...God will provide himself..." vs. 8

If God wants us to surrender something to him, for instance, our job, He will provide for us. He will not forsake those who obey His will. After all, this is just a test!

5. The provision of God

"...behold behind him a ram..." vs. 13

God will not send you to a place where He cannot provide!

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