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Summary: God knows our future, our personalities and our capacity to listen, He isn’t ever to say more to use than we can deal with a moment, so be in the know so as to stay in the flow.


1. When your victory is not complete.

2. When those who are to mock you have gathered.

3. When unbelievers are asking you where your God is.

4. When a satanic audience is waiting for your downfall.

5. When evil powers are challenging God in your life.

6. When you have looked at the whole of your family line and you don’t want to follow its evil pattern.

7. When the viper of disgrace that has attached itself to your hand is trying to bite you.

8. When the enemy has sucked you dry.

9. When your debt is mounting and your income is low.

10. When the Lazarus of your destiny has been embalmed and buried.

11. When yokes begin to multiply and chain problems continue to come.

12. When lodge members, occult people and evil assemblies are saying, “You better join us.”

13. When you are being encouraged to be disobedient to God because you have a problem.

14. When shedding tears have become your regular affair.

15. When the road you are traveling is becoming rougher and rougher.

16. When you notice what we call ‘finishing fever’ in your life. When spiritual fever starts as you are about to finish something.

17. When you are becoming an expert at finishing what you should not have started.

18. When you try to smile and the smile is not coming at all.

19. When your nose is bleeding and your eyes are black in the boxing ring of life.


There is nobody that God does not have a good destiny for. The Bible says, “I know the thoughts that I have towards you, they are the thoughts of good and not of evil." That is what the Bible says, meaning that God does not have terrible or bad destiny for anybody. But the rain of destiny may refuse to fall. How do you speak to the clouds today that they must rain abundance on you? How should you declare that what you have been having are showers of blessing, but now you want the rain to fall? How do you provoke your rainfall?

1. Disband worry from your life: John 14:1 (quickview)  says, “Let not your heart be troubled” It does not say, “Pray for God not to allow your heart to be troubled.” Worry will give you something to do but it won’t get you anywhere. It is not your friend at all. It is your enemy. It cannot be found in God’s vocabulary. If you read the Bible very well you will find that Jesus was never in a hurry. He knew what He wanted to do and He did it. Anything they said to scare Him did not work. Worry and faith are incompatible, because immediately worry runs in faith jumps out. The beginning of worry is the end of faith. We could see that Elijah was not worried at all. He was confident that that rain would fall.

I remember the story of one little girl. There was no rain in their city and the Christians decided to gather to pray that rain would fall. As they were going for the meeting, the girl said, “Daddy, let me follow you.” The daddy said she could come along. Later the girl said, “Daddy, wait I have taken my Bible but there is something I have forgotten.” And she ran inside and took an umbrella. The daddy asked her: “What are you doing with the umbrella?” She said, “Daddy, but we are going to pray that God should send rain.” The man laughed and said, “Well, it has not rained for many years." They went and before the prayer meeting got half way rain started. It was only the little girl who had an umbrella.

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