Summary: If more of us would: cry out to a merciful God who wants to hear from us; desire a relationship like we see David having; earnestly seek after God instead of what we see around us... Could we not see a change in our life like the one in David's?

Psalm 5

The Psalms are excellent sources of encouragement for us

EX: When things are bad, when life becomes difficult, the Psalms can help

Sometimes we don’t take the time to appreciate how valuable they can be

FACT: We are faced with many difficult decisions on a daily basis

More so, the uncertainty that we feel can really be overwhelming

Family, work, life … all these things can take a tremendous toll on each of us

Sometimes we just need to cry out to God in prayer for hope and peace (read)

Point 1 – Cry out to the Lord

David’s cry is one of exhaustion; his desire is for God to hear him (v1)

“Consider my sighing” – consider Lord, even my weariness in my breath

Please hear my cry for help – please Lord, hear me in my exhaustion as I pray

(v3) “In the morning” – the first thing David does is plead to the Lord

APP: It is vital for you to have a devotional time; to spend time with God

Even if it is something short – that time can be built upon throughout your life

IMP: Faithfulness makes this time grow; it is a treasure to be with the Lord

Early in the morning David lays his petitions before God, and waits on Him

He is waiting for guidance, for assurance, for direction … not to give God his plan

Then, David confesses to the traits of God: (v4-7)

• He does not take pleasure in evil

• The wicked cannot dwell with him

• The arrogant can’t even stand in his presence

• He hates all that do wrong

• He destroys those who lie

• He abhors those who thirst for others destruction

When we consider all that God is, here are the things He cannot stand

It is critical for us to check our own heart – do these things dwell within us?

Sure, we might not be Charlie Manson … but …

• Haven’t we wished bad things on others?

• Do we ever tell a lie or manipulate the truth?

• Do we think we are above others (prideful)?

APP: David’s cry is purposeful; it ought to bring us to a state of humbleness

Do we act this way in full view of our God who calls us to be different?

1 Corinthians 6:20 tells us that we were “bought with a price”

That price IS the very life of God’s Son, Jesus … how do we act?

IMP: Please do not be fooled here:

God will discipline and rebuke those who do the things He hates

Challenge: We must be faithful to Him; to strive to live rightly for Him

Point 2 – Pray to the Lord

David then says how he wants to live (v7-8) – it’s his petition

“I will come into your house with reverence”

Consider: How do you come to church? How did you come today?

Do you come desiring to hear from God and be challenged to change?

Or do you come to be seen, or to be entertained, or to be made to feel great?

Do we ask, as David did, the Lord to change us? “by your great mercy”

He says, “Lead me, O Lord, in your righteousness …” As a parent leads a baby …

David pleads with God to change his life habits; to walk differently

In v8 we see an incredible prayer: Lead me … because of my enemies

Lord, in spite of all that attacks me, lead me to walk/testify to your perfect ways

Consider v9 and v10 as a prayer of protection:

• He even confesses that his enemies cannot be trusted

• He knows the condition of those who are all around him

• He asks for God’s guidance; to lead him correctly … to protect him

• He asks God to do the work of convicting those who are guilty

• He pleads for God’s justice to fall; for God’s righteousness to be shown

Why? Because they have rebelled against God; it is a burden to his heart

Now, in this there are two things we must see:

1. First, David is not asking for God to be mean to those He does not like

2. Second, David is confessing for God’s power to be supreme – NOT his own

Note: At no time does David say: “Let me be your judge, Lord, I’ll show them”

His prayer is that God would be glorified, that God’s power would be supreme

Then, David asks for protection for himself (it applies to us if we pray this)

Point 3 – Recognize who the Lord is (11-12)

“Let all who take refuge in you be glad”

Let those who are yours be satisfied in what and who YOU are, Lord

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