Summary: Friend, we live in a wicked world where all norms are thrown to the wind!

Pure conscience!

Romans 13:5” Therefore you must be subject, not only because of wrath but also for conscience' sake.”

After the Maoist naxals deadly, gory attack on the convoy of congress leaders that killed many of them, the Chhatisgarh government was whipped by the top congress leaders; during a high profile meeting held to discuss the above, chief secretary Mr. Sunil Kumar of the state dared to arise and say ‘I am head of administration, hence it is my responsibility. I have few months left to retire, I am ready to resign.’ Such words are like honey trickling down! Let’s savor and lap it up! We don’t get to hear such statements often, do we? It’s a nice feeling to know that we ‘still’, I repeat ‘still’ do have such officers around who honestly respond to their conscience. Conscience is that inner voice which accuses us when we do wrong. It’s an alarm or a tug in our heart that warn us ahead of time. All we get to hear today from the heaps of people who are jailed or arrested for corruption charges is: ‘I will come out clean!’ Alas! All we could see is things getting dirtier, filthier and murkier! Chief Secretary Mr. Sunil Kumar is an Oasis in the midst of such chaos!

I took the newspaper and danced around my home, displaying the article and Mr. Sunil Kumar to my children and all at home; I was trying to preach to them good values through the stand that Mr. Sunil Kumar took in the midst of fire. Friend, we live in a wicked world where all norms are thrown to the wind! I used to take a particular short route to the office like everybody else back while working for the bank. My husband did warn me one day that it was not the right route and advised me to take the right way to get to my office, but since that was long, I followed the crowd. One day the traffic cop stood right in the middle of the road and caught all the people who were using that wrong path, because it was one way traffic. I was shocked to see the educated and elite group of people working in high positions in my bank, speed past the cop. My conscience refused to do that. I got down from my scooter, pushed it to where the cop stood and explained to him that I had not taken the rule seriously because everybody were doing it. He advised me not to do it again and let me go. However, the next day I took the long route but the rest of the crowd continued to go the wrong way. I was lampooned for taking the long route! I’m sure there would be scores of people who would mock me for writing this stupid incident! Yes, following traffic rules, respecting traffic police, responding honestly to one’s conscience, speaking the truth, walking in integrity, standing against bribe, has all become silly and archaic! Young people who are supposed to be cautious and careful, throw a thick blanket over their conscience and continue to walk in sins.

Does everybody give 100 percent exact details when they submit an application form for a job, loan, credit card, passport etc? Million dollar question! Interestingly, I got to watch a young, smart, intelligent man type various types of resumes keeping in tune with the type of job he was applying, there was a huge crowd around him and the whole lot were doing the same thing. Pigs graze together! Job experience, technical qualifications, academic qualifications, computer skills, computer language skills were all falsely incorporated.

I am speaking to someone out there right now! Yours sins would be exposed one day!

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