Summary: Defining the purpose of God’s word

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Purpose of God’s Word

July 27, 2003 ,pm Danny L Williams

Heb. 4:12 – II Tim 3:15-17

The word of God: two types of word Logos or rhema. Written or spoken.

But how it is used here could refer to both.

But it is a builder

You say how?

A. The word of God equips us with Safe Guards.

See: Church I have found that there are 2 types of people in the world.

1. Those who want the word

2. Those who do not.

You say Pastor

See alot of people want the word but in a way that does not make me uncomfortable.

See: most of us we have sacrificed a method of man for a message from God.

1.The living word protects us from Dead lies and deception. {King James} Quick means:Living

Powerful means: Energizing

2.The energizing effect shields you from Tradition.

3.The Hidden word, always guides you out of sin.

Psm. 119:11

You know where we miss it? We declare the theropy rather than repentance.

B. The Word of God consistently defeats the Devil.

1. The sword of the spirit will cut right through Satan on one side but us on the other.

Remember to never preach anything you wouldn’t preach to your self.

See: church “ The word of God will keep you from sin or sin will keep you from the word.

Piercing-even to dividing:

See only the word of God can do that.

2. We must always answer satans lies with the word and not our own Intellect.

3. The result has an eternal effect on Satans power.

John 17:17

C. The word of God Tunes our spirit.

1.Enables us to make a distinction between truth _ and error.

2. It allows our spiritual ears to hear the voice of God.

D. The word of God washes our inner man.

Discerner means: critic. we have to many critics of God’s word today but, no man is in a place to sit in judgement of His word. It criticizes me and you.

You say I’m not smart enough for the word,

SEE: Sin keeps us from God not our intellectual problem

1. We need to take a Daily spiritual Bath in the word ,daily. I Cor. 15:33our co worker’s or friends

2. it helps us make quality decisions for a Happier life style. Matt. 15:19 read that

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