Summary: God can deliver us from the haunts of our past.

Pursued By The Past (or) Sanctified By The Sea

Exodus 14:9-14 19-23 26-31 Exodus 15:1-6

Egypt is commonly accepted as being a type of sin or of the world. The exodus of Egypt was a type of Salvation. The deliverance came by the application of the blood of a spotless lamb upon each individual house. This is a foreshadowing of the blood of Christ who was the spotless lamb and brought a new covenant and deliverance from sin. It is of a vital importance that while free from Egypt, these people were still pursued by Egypt.

Salvation will free a soul from sin but the freedom from the dominion of sin is oftentimes more difficult to obtain.

We read in the 17th chapter of St. John a record of the prayer that Jesus prayed. While he knew that he was the ultimate blood sacrifice for sin forever, he still felt compelled to pray for additional help for believers. Jesus called this further assistance sanctification.

Acts 1:4-8 St. Luke 24:50

The men mentioned in each of these passages of scripture had been to the cross, been washed by the blood, and partaken of the resurrection. Jesus is still compelled to tell them of the need for additional power. They are assembled in a locked room trembling with fear of the Jews crucifying them as they did Jesus. Pursued by the past and haunted by yesterday these men wait on the promise of God. Something happens in this room that enables them to go out unafraid to the temple and wait for the promise of the Holy Ghost.

We do not have to continually be pursued by our past. God is a God of victory and can sever the past from us until it retains no more power over us. Thanks be unto God that giveth us the victory through Jesus Christ our Lord.

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